1. THE KEY OF TRAINING — Become trained so that you can function properly and effectively. A trained leader generally is a good leader.
  2. THE KEY OF TEAMWORK — Realize that you can’t do it alone. Develop a capable team of parents and others to support and assist you.
  3. THE KEY OF RESOURCES — There is a lot of support and help out there for you. Use the many resources that are available to you.
  4. THE KEY OF CALENDARING — An effective program is best planned at least a year in advance. With your youth leaders and adult team, plan a fun-filled calendar of Scouting activities for the next twelve months.
  5. THE KEY OF YOUTH MOTIVATION — Inspire and train your boy leaders to rise to their full leadership potential. Give them opportunities for growth through service in your unit.
  6. THE KEY OF SCOUTING IDEALS — Constantly teach the ideals of Scouting. Make the Scout Oath, the Law, Motto, and Slogan come to life with real meaning in the lives of your boys.
  7. THE PATROL METHOD, THE KEY OF SCOUTING — Utilize the patrol method in all phases of the program — the den and pack, the patrol and troop, the squad and team. Be the inspiration and motivation for patrol spirit.
  8. THE KEY OF EXAMPLE — Always wear your complete uniform and encourage your boys to do the same. Speak and act as you want your boys to become.
  9. THE KEY OF FRIENDSHIP — Show a genuine love and concern for your young men. Take time to be a friend and hero to them.
  10. THE KEY OF JOY IN SERVICE — Put your whole heart into the job. Enjoy each scouting moment as it comes and too soon passes.

Well, there you have them: Ten keys, which when used, can open limitless doors to effective programs, eternal friendships and pride in the strength of true Christ-like service. Give the keys a try … and good Scouting to you!

Best wishes along your Scouting Trails … Kevin

Kevin Hunt


Excerpt taken from his “Scouting Trails” Book: “KEYS TO SCOUTING LEADERSHIP“ at Scouting Trails. Connect with Kevin and read his article: “A Hundred Years of Scouting and What it Has Made Me” in The Boy Scout

© Kevin V. Hunt 2016

Kevin Hunt
Kevin V. Hunt, is a Scouting historian, author, blogger and speaker. He joined Scouting as a Cub Scout at age 8 and recently staged his own Jubilee Celebration for 50 years in Scouting. As a youth, he earned his Eagle Scout Award with four palms. He attended college at Brigham Young University and earned a B.S. degree in Youth Leadership (Boy Scout Program Administration) and went on to serve as a professional Scouter for seven years. He is the author of numerous children’s books and many on Scouting. Kevin and his wife Lou live in Mesa, Arizona and are the parents of 9 children - 6 daughters and 3 sons. And they now have 31 grandchildren. All of the sons are Eagle Scouts with three palms. Four sons-in-law are also Eagle Scouts. Eight grandsons are now in Scouting programs. You can connect with him best at: Kevin@scoutingtrails.com


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