The Eagle

As recited by Tiger Scout, Omari P. of Pack 604 in Eatonville, FL,


Duty to country guides all Scouts. And on his first day as a Tiger Scout, May 26, 2017, Omari P. of Pack 604 in Eatonville, FL, recited a patriotic poem for more than one thousand Scouting professionals and volunteers from all over the world.

“I had to memorize the whole thing,” Omari said.

Kicking off the the Boy Scouts of America’s National Annual Meeting Americanism breakfast, Omari impressed Scouters and guests with his rendition of this poem:

The Eagle

Written by Tom Lalor for Jonathan Lint

Twas the Eagle they chose, as a symbol of strength for a
new and mighty land.
That was forged in Truth, and Liberty; delivered
By God’s own hand.
That Eagle stands for Integrity and Pride
Throughout our age.
To remind us of the wars we’ve fought for
Freedom and the price we’ve paid.
And so it was when Lord Powell called on his troop
Of boys to be men,
That this symbol so strong, so pure and so proud
Was called to serve again.
Not every Scout can wear this badge, in fact they
Are but few
Who rise above their peers today to remind us of
What is true.
That Loyalty and being good will always be our aim,
That Courage and Faith are the best of us, that
The Eagle knows no shame.
These honored few who wear this badge walk
Among us to this day.
To exemplify the very best that we strive for,
So now we pray;
That God will bless and keep these Scouts always
In His sight.
For it is they, not us who know it best, the Eagle
Stands for Right.

Representing Cub Scouts and Duty to Country

The annual Americanism breakfast is hosted by the National Eagle Scout Association, and this year it featured speeches from space program professionals and Distinguished Eagle Scouts Dr. Alan Sterna and Glen Fountain.

Even with the talented lineup of speakers and events, Omari was no easy act to follow.

Jill Delorey of the National Annual Meeting host committee mentioned Omari’s dedication to doing a great job at the breakfast. She explained seeing a video of him practicing every painstaking word in the poem in preparation for the event.

Omari demonstrates how Cub Scouts work hard to live out their duty to country, as he stands proud alongside Scouter, fellow Scouts, and even Eagle Scouts.

Learn more about Cub Scouts to see how your kids can gain confidence and build values.

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