It has been our tradition on the Voice of Scouting to post inspiring Scout messages based on the Scout Law for twelve days leading up to Christmas Day. The last day of the 12 days of a Scout Christmas reminds us that a Scout is reverent.

The word itself is defined as feeling or showing deep and solemn respect. Synonyms include: respectful, admiring, devoted, dutiful, awed and peaceful.

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So why is it of significant enough importance–to include in the Scout law–that a Scout remain reverent?

For some, reverence may be something that seems appropriate only during worship services or funerals. For others, it may extend to personal feelings of respect, admiration, and devout service. But a Scout, no matter his or her religion or cultural background, is reverent. He or she is reverent in times of quiet respect to Country and to whatever version of God he or she believes in.

Reverence is a deeply held set of beliefs and morals that is constantly evolving in our modern world engulfed in varying opinions and standards. But a Scout knows when to be reverent and when it is required to show appropriate respect. Reverence from a Scout is not only in regards to his or her own set of beliefs, but in respect toward all people, regardless of varying backgrounds. Scouting is not mono-theistic and as such, provides incredible opportunities to young people from all woks of life through this attitude of cooperative, tolerant reverence.

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Reverence also applies to Scouts in how they interact with the world around them. As Scouting is a heavily outdoor endeavor, it is important to teach Scouts to revere, admire, and respect the natural beauty of the world that God has created—to leave the Earth better than those who came before. The saying, “leave no trace” is an indirect act of reverence and respect for the Earth and for others.

Reverence is not condensed to a simple act of bowing a head in prayer or solemnly saluting the flag. Reverence is a critical attribute embodied by Scouts. As we continue through this bustling holiday season, may we remind our Scouts about the importance of remaining reverent in spirit and in deed.

Thank you for joining us for the 12 Days of Scout Christmas with inspiring Christmas messages based on the twelve points of the Scout Law: A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, braveclean, and reverent.

Merry Christmas!

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