Some of the most famous athletes of all time have been Scouts– Michael Jordan, Hank Aaron and Steve Young to name a few. For some people, balancing Scouting and sports is difficult. Sometimes, the challenge leads parents and boys to choose between the two. However, after a closer look, Scouting actually helps develop athletes’ success. Here are three ways Scouting helps athletes, using professional athletes who are Eagle Scouts as examples:

Mark Madsen – Character

Mark “mad dog” Madsen was an NBA player and is currently an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers. He got the nickname “mad dog” because of he consistently put in 100% effort every time he stepped on the court. Watch the video below to see his intensity. Madsen is an Eagle Scout and said Scouting taught him about leadership, character and mentoring.

Scouting builds character by helping Boys understand that a Scout is exactly what the Scout Law says. When Scouts repeat the Law, they say a Scout is. When they say is, that means all the time, not just when it is convenient for them.

This mentality is necessary for athletes because the best athletes become the best when no one is watching. It is the work they do when the coach isn’t looking at them during practice. It is the early morning workouts and the late night film sessions where their character bleeds through and helps them succeed.

Kevin Greene – Passion

Kevin Greene was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016. He recorded 160 career sacks as a linebacker, the third most in NFL history. Greene is also an Eagle Scout.

“I do have a passion and intensity for life,” said Greene. “I think the only way to go through life is to have fun and passion for the things you love doing. Pour everything you have into it.” Below is an example of his passion.

Some of the most passionate people I have met are involved with Scouting. Scouts can learn passion from their leaders. It’s crazy to see how many hours volunteers will devote, for free, to Scouting.

Passion is necessary for athletes because it gives them the will to push through hard things. We look at professional athletes and sometimes wish we could be them because of how awesome their job is. What we don’t see is the hours and hours of training they dedicate to their craft. The hours and hours away from home they spend every month. Passion carries them through the difficult parts of being athletes.

Shane Victorino – Hard Work

Shane Victorino is a Major League Baseball player. Some of his accomplishments include 2× All-Star (20092011), 4× Gold Glove Award (2008–2010, 2013), 2× World Series champion (20082013). He also is a proud Eagle Scout. Below is a video of some of his best highlights.

Victorino was praised by his mother for his hard work when he was younger. After games he would go, still in uniform, to help his mother finish cleaning office buildings, sometimes until well after midnight.

Scouting helps boys understand the value of hard work in a myriad of ways. From long hikes to tough merit badges, boys learn the importance of pushing themselves to accomplish difficult tasks.

For athletes, hard work is paramount to achieve success. Hard work beats pure talent if an individual with pure talent doesn’t work hard. I remember my coach always telling me that to motivate me to be better in basketball.

The lessons learned in Scouting will only enhance athletes’ success in the end. How has it helped you as an athlete?


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