In 2014, came out with a charity-minded approach to shopping. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but by simply typing in, you are able to have a percentage of your purchase donated to charity by Amazon.

Then, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the value of your purchase towards a charity of your choice.

The great thing is that local BSA Councils are one of the options for donating, and therefore it’s a great fundraising tool. Find the option to have your donation benefit your local council.

While the program will likely not be the end of your fundraising needs, it will help your local council in little ways to offer better programs and resources to youth. 

To learn more about how to benefit your local council next time you shop with Amazon, follow these simple steps below:

1-Go to

Amazon-Smile-Step-1After you have signed in for the first time with AmazonSmile, you will still need to go to this page for all your Amazon purchases. It may be helpful to bookmark the page in your browser, so you can easily click the bookmark and be redirected to AmazonSmile. 

2-Sign in with your existing Amazon account login. 


 3-Search for the “Boy Scouts of America”.



 4- Find your local council, or select the National Boy Scouts of America. 



5-Check the top-left corner, and start shopping.



 6-Double-check that the product you’re buying is eligible.        


7- Check out.

If you are a regular Amazon shopper, you should be used to this part. Purchase the item(s), and smile. You’ve just done a ‘Good Turn’ for your local council!

8-Check your fundraising impact.



To see the original article on using AmazonSmile to help Scouts, click here

Tyler North
Is an Eagle Scout, an avid backpacker, and hunter. He's a Hispanic outreach specialist in his local council.


  1. Avatar
    Derrick Larsen says:

    I have used Amazon Smile for several years now. I love amazon’s desire to give back. It is nice to know that each purchase I make the Council gets a piece of it!

  2. Colin Wylie
    Colin Wylie ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I love this feature of Amazon. Not publicized much because its money out of pocket for Amazon, but its a great service

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