Let’s face it, Baby Yoda is the greatest thing to happen to the Star Wars universe. **Official disclaimer, Disney wants everyone to call him “the Child,” not Baby Yoda. At the same time, this video says Baby Yoda and so does the majority of the internet.** Those big floppy ears, cheeky grin, and wittle (little, but in a baby voice) legs have taken the internet, and our hearts, by storm. And now, you can carry the Child with you wherever you go with this Baby Yoda Paracord Keychain.

I’ve never met a Scout who doesn’t enjoy paracord crafts. After all, you get to show off your knot tying skills while proving how prepared you are for emergencies.

Thanks to the Star Wars enthusiasts at The Weavers of Eternity Paracord Tutorials, we can now combine our love of paracord with our love of adorable aliens. Here’s how:

To create such an adorable masterpiece you will need (approximately):

  • 4 ft Green 550 Paracord
  • 4 ft Gold 550 Paracord
  • 10 in Gold 550 Paracord (Optional)
  • 1 Standard Size Marble
  • 1 Key Ring
  • Lighter

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, watch this simple ten minute tutorial on how to make your very own Baby Yoda:

This activity is perfect for anyone or any group and will have people from all over the galaxy squealing over your Baby Yoda paracord keychain. Try it out and tell us about your Baby Yoda creation by commenting below.


    1. Maloree Anderson
      Maloree Anderson ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

      Laura, I looked and couldn’t find any print out instructions from the creator of the tutorial. However, they did provide the time stamps for each step. I’ve copied and pasted them below. You can also find them in the comments section with links to each part of the video:

      0:30 Materials Needed
      0:40 Tying The Monkey’s Fist
      2:40 Tying The Cobra Knot Body
      3:56 Arranging The Arm Pieces
      4:17 Tying The Second Layer Of Cobra Knots
      5:01 Finishing The Cobra Knots
      5:17 Tying The Scaffold Knot Arms
      5:55 Snipping And Melting Excess Cord
      6:32 Adding The Ears
      7:24 Ear Detail
      8:01 Adding The Key Ring
      9:26 Conclusion

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