“A Scout is reverent. He is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion.” Scout Law, 12th Point

  • Duty to God is at the heart of the Scouting movement. Every Scout professes a Duty to God in the Scout Oath. Everyone knows that “A Scout is Reverent.”
  • Religious emblems provide a spiritual component to the Scouting program. Religious emblems promote the same values found in Scouting. They also help develop positive assets in youth members. Religious emblems go hand-in-hand with Scouting, and that’s why we promote them.

In every case, when Scouters earn the adult version of their faith’s award, the boys will follow.

What are the religious emblems programs?

The religious emblems programs are programs created by the various religious groups to encourage youth to grow stronger in their faith. To encourage members of Scouting to grow stronger in their faith by doing their duty  to God, many of Scouting’s faith groups have also instituted programs that enable adults that mentor youth to earn a religious emblem.

BSA has approved these programs and encourages the emblems to be worn on leaders’ official uniforms. However, the emblems are awarded through the various religious organizations rather than the BSA. Boy Scouts of America has not created the religious emblems programs, but each religious organization develops and administers its own program.

An adult religious recognition award is usually presented by nomination only. The recognition is presented to worthy adults for their outstanding service to youth both through their religious institution and through one of the national youth agencies. Recipients of these awards are often unaware that they are being nominated. They are nominated to receive an award by others, who submit the required application, letters of recommendation, and resume. Please check eligibility requirements for specific awards.

Which religious emblem square knot should I wear?

religious_emblems_boy_scouts_of_americaCloth, purple on silver, No. 5014, may be worn by adult members presented with the recognition, above left pocket.

Cloth, silver knot on purple, No. 5007, may be worn by youth or adult members who earned the knot as a youth, above left pocket.

Adults may wear both knots if they satisfy qualifying criteria. (See the Guide to Awards and Insignia, No. 33066.)

Only one youth and one adult knot is worn, but any combination of devices representing the program in which a religious emblem was earned may be worn on the same knot. (See Cub Scout device, No. 926; Webelos Scout device, No. 932; Boy Scout device, No. 927; and Venturer device, No. 930.)

For a complete list of approved emblems programs, including a list of awards that are provided by each faith, see the Religious Emblems Programs or use this listing of faiths or denominations have religious awards for adults:


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