Starting in January 2016, there will be new program changes in the Boy Scout Program. The main changes will be in the requirements for rank advancement.

As always, for the year 2016, currently enrolled Boy Scouts can use either the old or new requirements to advance. Any newly enrolled boys during 2016 will need to use the new requirements. In 2017 everyone will be using the new requirements.

There are no changes to the uniform, no changes to how the rank patches now look, and no changes to how the current merit badges now look. Below are some resources to help you navigate the changes headed our way in 2016.

For FAQ information, click on this link: Boy Scout Requirements FAQ’s

To compare the new rank advancement requirements side-by-side with the old rank advancement requirements, click on this link: Boy Scout Requirements Comparison

To see more information on how to transition from the old to the new, click on this link: Transition From Old to New Requirements

If you’ve never been to BSA’s Program Updates page I recommend taking a look around to see what’s there. Click on this link: Program Updates

12244656_10207876214441677_6134510870640744229_oAuthor: Gail Atkinson
Gail has been the Council Advancement Chairman for the Western Colorado Council since the summer of 2005. She has been to Philmont twice, was awarded the District Award of Merit, the Silver Beaver, and has earned her Wood Badge beads. She has been involved in Scouting since her oldest son turned 8 years old (about 38 years ago). Gail is happily married and has 6 children and 13 grandchildren.


Eleanor Anderson
Eleanor is a District Executive for the Western Colorado Council. She enjoys camping and spending time outdoors. Eleanor and her husband come from active and involved Scouting families and hope to carry on the Scouting tradition. Connect with Western Colorado Council (via Social Media):

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