In the new Cub Scout program there are Adventures in each rank that emphasize learning to camp. Through these Adventures boys are required to camp out, participate in campfire programs with their Den, learn the principles of Leave No Trace, and more! Taking the time to plan a campout for your Pack will lead to amazing opportunities and experiences to help your Cub Scouts learn and grow as well as your Pack families. I reached out to Amy Byrne, a parent and leader of one of the Packs in the Western Colorado Council and she had this to say about Pack and family camping:

Submitted by Amy Byrne

“Family camping is an invaluable piece of the Cub Scout experience, not only because it enables the boys to make rank, but because a weekend spent outside among our Scout families builds bonds that cannot be replicated in a one hour den meeting a week. As a Scout leader and a mom, some of my favorite memories are made on family camping trips.”

I know that Amy’s Pack has loved and learned from their camping experience and your Pack can too! As you begin to prepare for a Pack campout, here are some tips to keep in mind:
• Gauge Experience: This may be the first camping experience for some of your Cub Scouts or even the first experience for their families. Understand their limits and plan activities with potential for success.
• Program and Advancement: A campout is a great opportunity for Den leaders to get together and help Cub Scouts pass off outdoor and camping requirements (especially because camping requirements in each rank are fairly similar). Make sure the Cub Scouts get a say in the Program plan by creating a campfire program and more.
• Safety and Training: I cannot emphasize enough the importance of following the Guide to Safe Scouting as it pertains to camping as well as making sure that leaders are trained. Your Pack must have at least one leader that is BALOO—Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation—trained. When Webelos want to camp as a Den it is important that the leaders complete Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders.
• Family Friendly: Campouts are a great way to get the whole family involved with the Pack. Invite parents and siblings to attend Pack campouts and make sure that it is fun for all.

Below are listed the ranks as well as the new Adventures that include camping related requirements:

As you can see, camping is a fun and essential part of the new Cub Scout program. Take the time to incorporate these camping requirements and experiences into your Pack for the opportunity to enrich the lives of the Cub Scouts you serve. For more on the new Cub Scout requirements click here.

SOURCEWestern Colorado Council
Eleanor Anderson
Eleanor is a District Executive for the Western Colorado Council. She enjoys camping and spending time outdoors. Eleanor and her husband come from active and involved Scouting families and hope to carry on the Scouting tradition. Connect with Western Colorado Council (via Social Media):

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    Tonya Smith says:

    It is great to start camping with the youth at a young age, so that when they are older they are used to it and want to camp more! It gives them qualify time with family as well as experience!

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