This sto­ry is not about Michael Hol­land com­plet­ing all 141 mer­it badges. Nor is this sto­ry about Hol­land com­plet­ing some­thing that only .0018% of all Scouts do. This sto­ry is about how by accom­plish­ing 141 mer­it badges and doing some­thing very few have done, Scout­ing has changed the life of Michael Hol­land for the best.

The most impor­tant thing I’ve learned from Scout­ing is how to be a good mem­ber of our com­mu­ni­ty,” said Hol­land. “I’ve done a lot of ser­vice in Scout­ing, and it has helped me real­ize how much ser­vice impacts our soci­ety.”

Hol­land has clear­ly been impact­ed in the best ways pos­si­ble by the Scout­ing pro­gram. Through his sev­en years and pro­ject­ed 5,000 hours of work to accom­plish this task, Hol­land has not only changed him­self, but has also uplift­ed and change fel­low Scouters.

Last sum­mer, Hol­land decid­ed to attend Scout camp as part of a pro­vi­sion­al troop to fin­ish up a few mer­it badges he still need­ed. When he arrived, he was prompt­ly elect­ed Senior Patrol Leader of the pro­vi­sion­al troop. By the end of the week, the rag tag group had so impressed the camp staff that they were rec­og­nized as the “Troop of the Week” — the first time a pro­vi­sion­al troop had been so hon­ored at this par­tic­u­lar camp.

Kel­ly Wise, Holland’s advance­ment coor­di­na­tor, had only the great­est things to say about him. “What real­ly sets him apart is his abil­i­ty to suc­cess­ful­ly jug­gle mul­ti­ple projects and demands at once with­out drop­ping any,” said Wise. “He was able to han­dle mul­ti­ple mer­it badges con­cur­rent­ly, all the while plan­ning his next major ser­vice project.”holland 1

Hol­land attrib­ut­es his hard eth­ic to his father. He admires his father and says he is his role mod­el. Com­plet­ing all the mer­it badges was a way of hon­or­ing his father and spend­ing the time while his father was deployed to Afghanistan. This is nev­er more evi­dent than in this video, done by WUSA9.

Hol­land wasn’t always sure he would accom­plish his goal of attain­ing all of the mer­it badges. How­ev­er, with encour­age­ment from Wise and a few gen­tle push­es along the way from his moth­er, he was able to achieve his goal. Hol­land says he con­tin­ued to do the mer­it badges because he knew there was so much more to learn from them.

Scout­ing has been such an anchor in my life,” said Hol­land. “I will look back on my expe­ri­ences and knowl­edge to help me make deci­sions in the future.” The Scout­ing pro­gram has func­tioned in the exact way that it is hoped to work in the lives of all Scouts. 

Although a con­sum­mate Scout, Hol­land is also much more. He works after school as a Star­bucks Barista, a respon­si­bil­i­ty he takes quite seri­ous­ly. He is also an active church mem­ber who attends ser­vices each Sun­day where he has spe­cif­ic duties, and he attends an ear­ly-morn­ing scrip­ture study class for high school seniors focused on the New Tes­ta­ment. He is a cheer­ful young man who works hard and enjoys life

Hol­land has just been accept­ed to Brigham Young Uni­ver­si­ty in Pro­vo, Utah. All because of the Ani­ma­tion Mer­it Badge, he plans to get into the ani­ma­tion pro­gram after serv­ing a 2-year mis­sion for The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat­ter-day Saints. He hopes to one-day intern at Pixar Ani­ma­tion Stu­dios.

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