What you won’t do for Scout­ing,” said Felice Clements. She per­son­al­ly takes her own advice seri­ous­ly, pur­chas­ing a hun­dred pound bag of plas­ter just to design neck­er­chief slides for Cub Scout. This will pro­duce hun­dreds and hun­dreds of slides. 

Why? Cub Scouts love neck­er­chief slides, and they deserve to have the best expe­ri­ence in Scout­ing.

From con­crete plas­ter to neck­er­chief, here are the steps for cre­at­ing neck­er­chief slides for your Cub Scout den:


Michelle Carpenter
is a reporter for the Voice of Scouting and a marketing associate for The Utah National Parks Council. Her father, husband, and brother are all Eagle Scouts, so she firmly believes some of the best men did Scouting.


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