So Fall Recruitment Failed—How to Use Halloween for Cub Scout Recruiting

What happens in October? – HALLOWEEN, of course. So, how can a pack have fun using “Halloween” as a recruiting method? Think about it for a minute and anyone can come up with several ideas that are simple, fun and can involve the boys in the pack.

Why Should Churches Charter Units with BSA? (Part 3)

Scouting offers your church distinct age-appropriate ministries for entire families.

Does Scouting Work for Your Youth Ministry’s Outreach?

In the Boy Scouts of America seventy percent of our charter partners are churches, but most churches do not have Scout groups. Yet, nearly all are working to get their message and services known and they are working to halt the general decline in church attendance among their congregations, especially among Millennials, many of whom now have Scout-age children. Scouting can help.

Why Should a Church Charter Units with BSA?

There are many reasons a Church would want to charter a Scouting unit, but no matter the reason their packs, troops and crews are church-owned and church-administered

Fall Round-up for Cub Packs

When I moved to South Dakota and got involved with the Cub Scout membership efforts, I learned two great methods I would like to share: Peer to peer recruiting School recruiting Peer to peer recruiting...

Five Tips for Outrageously Successful Cub Scout Recruiting

Any successful Cub Scout pack can tell you the secret to staying strong is recruiting lots of new members each spring and fall. Here are tips from experienced leaders for growing your numbers each year: Recruit...

Protect Yourself: NEW Cub Scout Adventure

Have you heard about the new Protect Yourself Rules Preview Adventure? The Boy Scouts of America partnered with Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation and created the "Protect...

Observing Memorial Day By Reflecting On Our Duty To God

Charlie Extrum, 15 (left), and Caleb Ward, 17 (right), work together to plant flags near headstones at the Veterans Cemetery in Grand Island. (Independent/Scott Kingsley) Memorial day originated after the American Civil War in 1868...
Cub Scout day camp

3 Scouting experts explain why day-camp enhances the Cub Scouting experience

Cub Scout day-camp - it will probably be chaotic. It might even be a little stressful. But, will it be worth it? Absolutely. As a parent, you might be a little nervous about your Cub's...

Rock Climbing Safety Moment

The Climbing Merit Badge was created in 1997 as growing numbers of young people began to get interested in the excitement and challenge of rock climbing. The proliferation of gyms and facilities also made...