After last year’s rollout of advancement modifications to the Cub Scouting program, development work began on an accompanying curriculum designed to meet the needs of our Scoutreach members involved in Cub Scouting. Recognizing the unique challenges an after-school environment with multi-age dens pose, “Cub Scouts 1-2-3” has been released and is available for use this fall (see Cub Scouts 123 Curriculum), as the new Scouting year begins.

Scoutreach 3Cub Scouts 1-2-3 replaces what was once referred to as “Year A/Year B,” and is a complete redesign to more closely align with Cub Scouting in its current form. When delivered as written, without local modification, this delivery system ensures the values and character competencies of Scouting are delivered to these youth.

We’d expect that most “traditional” units operate with volunteer leaders, delivering the program from the handbook in grade-specific dens. This is not for them. These materials are specifically developed to be used with Scoutreach units with multi-age dens who, most often, use para-professionals to deliver the program in hard to serve areas; frequently in an after-school setting.

Minor modifications to the existing handbook content have been made so the para-professional can deliver the outcomes expected from Cub Scouting and allow members to earn adventure loops, their Bobcat, and rank badge in a minimum of 11 or so carefully planned and sequenced den meetings lasting an hour.

Year 1 – Wolf is now available and work is already underway for Year 2 – Bear and Year 3 – Webelos. Those materials will be released in the future with plenty of lead time for implementation in future years.

As you plan for fall 2017 implementation, please replace all of your existing Year A/Year B assets, as well as any other locally created “programs,” with the new Cub Scouts 1-2-3 materials as they have been carefully developed and utilize the mechanics of Cub Scouting to deliver its character and leadership outcomes to boys not in traditional dens. It is important to note that Cub Scouts 1-2-3 is the only approved curriculum to use in multi-age den and/or Cub Scout Scoutreach settings.

Thank you for your patience! We’re delighted to provide this fresh, new, and exciting delivery model through Cub Scouts 1-2-3!

Please contact with any questions you may have.


  1. Avatar
    daniel rusin says:

    I am cubmaster with very tiny dens. – can I use this 123 to serve a ‘curriculum ‘ to my pack, with mixed den meetings?

    our Lions den has 2 boys. Tigers have 3 boys, Bears and wolf usually combined have 3 boys, and we do have enough to have Webelos and Arrow of Light into one den/patrol

    I am looking for a combined curriculum for the Lions, Tiger, Bears and Wolfs for the nights when only one boy of a den shows up.

    Dan RUsin
    Pack 967, Havre de Grace, MD.

  2. Avatar
    Heather Howe says:

    When is Cub Scouts 123 Bear being released? I’ve sent emails and never heard back. The new school year is just weeks away.

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