Sometimes you find bravery in the place you least expect it. In Rhino Trouble, the first picture book by award-winning writer Grant Olsen, that place is in the heart of two small boys in Nepal who find a way to save the village’s crops from pesky rhinos.

snow 452Olsen, a Utah native and Eagle Scout, first visited the south Asian country in 2005 and was stunned by the sincerity and kindness of the people he met. They invited him into their homes and prepared meals for him, despite having barely enough food for themselves.

Olsen earned his Eagle while in high school and for his project, he helped gather clothing items for orphans in Asia. So it was a powerful experience for him to spend time in Nepal while in college and meet amazing people who may have benefited from his Eagle project.

He wrote Rhino Trouble as a tribute to the strength and goodness of the Nepali children, who smiled and played games during the day and protected their village from rhinos at night.

Rhino_Trouble_CoverBut the words of this touching story are not his only tribute. Olsen will donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the book to The Umbrella Foundation, a charity working to protect and empower displaced, trafficked and vulnerable children and their families in Nepal. Their initiatives promote the preservation of the family unit, education and community development.

“I’ll always treasure my experiences in Nepal,” Olsen says. “By partnering with The Umbrella Foundation, I’m able to honor those children I met and also help impact the lives of many more. With the earthquakes that struck the country earlier this year, there’s never been a more crucial time to lend a hand.”

snow 447Eadaoin Close, director at The Umbrella Foundation, says Rhino Trouble is “a beautifully illustrated story of rural village life in Nepal. It’s a fun reflection of the strength and cleverness of Nepali children and reminds us of their unbeatable spirits. With its similarity to traditional Nepali folk tales, it’s sure to become a well-loved children’s fable.”

Rhino Trouble was illustrated by the Mike Carpenter, a digital artist living in Reno, Nevada. The book will be published by Cedar Fort and released nationwide on November 10, 2015. Pre-orders are available now through Amazon. 

About Grant Olsen

snow 520Grant Olsen is an award-winning writer and researcher. His adventures and photos have appeared in publications such as Smithsonian Magazine, The Independent, Field and Stream, and Outdoor Life.

Grant earned an English degree from Brigham Young University. He writes travel and adventure articles for, which is one of the nation’s most-trafficked regional news website. His stories draw an international audience and have received more than 3 million page views in the past two years. He has won numerous creative and strategic thinking awards for his work.

Grant lives in Lehi, Utah with his wife and two children. Stay up to date on his latest work at

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    Andrew the Great says:

    I think this is a really neat thing that Grant has done to help raise funds for children in Nepal. I have known Grant for over 33 years and he is a remarkable person and an excellent writer. Keep up the good work Grant!

    PS- Grant is my favorite older brother…he is also my only older brother 🙂

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