This Easter Sunday, Christian Scouts around the world will gather with their friends and family to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a time to remember and observe His life and death. Christ is known for his love and service to all around him; In so much, he gave his life.

How can Scouts celebrate the resurrection of Christ and fulfill their Duty to God this Easter weekend?

Cub Scouts:

Sometimes the best way to teach younger children is through object lessons and/or crafts. Check out this plastic egg rocket activity that demonstrates chemical reactions but can also help Cub Scouts understand the meaning of the Easter eggs which signify new life, just like Christ arose after death.

Cub Scouts will have the opportunity to fulfill their Duty to God by recognizing that Christ’s resurrection is the reason for the holiday.

Scouts BSA

Service is a key element of the Scouting organization. As Jesus Christ selflessly served others, what better way to celebrate Easter than to serve others. Scouts can be like Christ by performing Easter related service projects to people in their area. Here are some service project ideas:

1. Easter Gardening

Scouts can help tend or plant a garden for someone in need. Not only are they providing service, Scouts can recognize that gardens bring new life.

2. “You’ve Been Egged”

Sometimes the best kind of service is cheering someone up with a kind gesture. Scouts can “egg” a person’s house in a fun, Easter way. To do this, make an Easter basket of Easter eggs that carry kind notes and goodies. Then make a sign that says, “You’ve been egged!” Place on their door step, ring the door bell, and run!

This is a unique way for Scouts to serve anonymously (selflessly), think of kinds things to say to others, and get creative.

3. 12 Eggs of Service

This project is great way to get the whole troop involved. And, instead of doing one service project, Scouts can do twelve! As a troop, think of twelve small service projects (one for each Scout) and write them on separate pieces of paper. Place each service project idea in a plastic Easter egg. Then, every day leading up to Easter Sunday, Scouts will open their service project for the day.

Click here for a list of service project ideas.


Take advantage of the Easter season to practice your Duty to God. Remember the miracle of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and the significance of life after death. Scout’s can live like Christ did and serve others not just during Easter but always.

Maloree Anderson
Maloree is a photographer, graphic designer, Ravenclaw, mom of one, friend of Scouting and Marketing Specialist with the Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America.

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