“God, family, country” — those are the three words often paired with folk artist Eric Dowdle.

“His whimsical, patriotic art stirs nostalgic and cheerful emotions for what makes our vast world intimate and extraordinary. Rich rural landscapes of homes and farms, cityscapes featuring customs and foods, playful families and the traditions that keep them together are all common features in a Dowdle painting. Often, Eric also adds a name or icon to reflect events that took place as he painted that particular piece. Exploring the details of a Dowdle painting is a great adventure. Whether you place a framed piece of art in your home or assemble a Dowdle Puzzle for a family activity, it evokes the same wistful feeling that turns our hearts back to the values that make—and have made—our cultures and civilizations unique.” (from Dowdle’s bio on his website, featuring all of his amazing work.)

Eric Dowdle’s folk art captivates people of all ages with wit, charm and detail. His quirky and infectious personality is represented in his collection of hundreds of scenes from across the United States, and around the world. His paintings are highly valued by collectors and families who can relive their own fond memories through his art.



Now, Eric Dowdle has a painting that Scouters everywhere can find adventure in. The renowned artist has turned his latest painting into a vibrant image of a day at Scout Camp. Based on a popular Utah Scout Camp, The Boy Scouts of America is honored that an artist like Eric Dowdle accepted the invitation to transform the Scouting world into one of his signature paintings. It is sure to be a new Boy Scout favorite.

Not only has the Utah camp, called Maple Dell Scout Camp, been made into a painting, but it has also been turned into a puzzle! Within the puzzle, you will see Boy Scouts enjoying all sorts of activities that are available at many Scout camps, such as the high ropes course, canoes, zip lines and a shooting range. You’ll also be able to spot several famous Scouters like founder Lord Baden-Powell, Earnest T. Seton, John Wayne, James E. West, Daniel Carter Beard, Theodore Roosevelt, Neil Armstrong and Norman Rockwell! You can also try and find eight of the Wood Badge patrols; Beaver, Bobwhite, Antelope, Owl, Eagle and Bear!

Scout Camp is one of the most exciting parts of being in Scouting, and we’re so excited that families can cherish their favorite Scouting memories and activities as they put together this puzzle as a family. Picture yourself in one of the various activities and Eric Dowdle’s painting will make you feel like you’re right at your favorite camp. 

To order your own puzzle just in time for Christmas, click HERE. 

Fun Fact: Eric Dowdle earned his Eagle Scout rank at the age of 14!

We are so excited to have a Scout camp turned into a Dowdle masterpiece!

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