On this Father’s Day, Jake has been thinking about his dad Mike and pondering the great moments they shared growing up. Some of the best moments he can recall have something to do with his participation in the Scouting program. So today, Jake wants to celebrate his dad Mike and the lifelong impact he had on Jake’s faith in God.  

From Cub Scout to Man

Growing up, Mike never had the opportunity to participate in Scouting. When he had kids of his own, he jumped at the chance to have his boys join. Jake, his oldest son, was an avid participant thanks to encouragement from Mike. He started when he was 8 and received his Eagle Scout Award when he was 13. Now a 23-year-old account executive at a rising technology start-up, he attributes his strong work ethic and leadership skills to Scouting. When he is not working, he can be found outdoors. He credits his love of nature to the Scouting program and his family. But, the most important part of his life is faith and family, things that have also been strengthened immensely by participation in Scouts.  

Duty to God

For a lot of young kids, religion is a hard concept to grasp. It is even harder to have a personal encounter that leads to individual understanding. Scouting is a program that uniquely faces this issue. It pairs activities and camaraderie with faith-based experiences. This is why Jake also feels a strong association between God and nature. He believes there is an inherent beauty and spirituality about spending time outdoors. Jake believes solace can be found in the silence of nature. 

Some of Jakes best memories in Scouting are from testimony meetings at the end of campouts. Everyone would take turns saying what they believe in and what was important to them, including the leaders. Seeing leaders he respected speak of their love of God and the things that drive them was very special to him, especially now that he is older and can better understand what life is and relate to his leaders’ experiences.  

A Scout Dad

From the beginning, Mike was very involved in Scouting. Even when he wasn’t officially a Scout leader, he did his best to be present at and committed to the events. He knew what an important time it was in the lives of these young men, especially his son. Any chance Mike had to participate alongside Jake he took. Any opportunity he had to go on a campout, he would. His involvement and example helped Jake see how important Scouting was. 

Mike is a very passionate person and he does not like to waste his time. He would never be supportive of a program that did not make sense for his son and his future. This dedication encouraged Jake to participate wholeheartedly. Jake wanted to care about the things his dad did and make his dad proud. Jake’s focus on his family, faith, and personal development is all Mike ever wanted. Working on Scouting together helped them both grow and develop while becoming closer to each other.  

Dad, Scouts, and God: Moments that Make a Man

Jake’s experience in Scouting was heavily filled with God-centered meetings and activities. He looks back on Scouting and has such fond memories. He was able to camp and explore the outdoors. He learned how to kayak and fish and build things using his hands. It was some of the best moments of his life. When he thinks about these experiences he also thinks of the religious moments. For him, Scouting and God go hand in hand. Also, in those life-changing and momentous moments in Scouting his dad was both cheering him on and participating by his side.  

Happy Father’s Day

Mike is Jake’s hero. He respects him and hopes to model his life after him. On this Father’s Day, Jake is grateful for his father and all he has done for him. He is thankful his dad encouraged him to participate in Scouting and knows he is a better man for it. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the men who help make Scouting the successful and spiritual program it is. Thank you for all you do.

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