There’s a thir­ty minute gap between the ear­ly arrivals and the last strag­glers at many Den meet­ings. But, you don’t want your Cub Scouts get­ting antsy (patience is a virtue, but who doesn’t like a lit­tle fun?). 

Here are some quick, prac­ti­cal­ly-free games Cubs can play while wait­ing for a Den meet­ing to start:

1.  Do You Love Your Neigh­bor?

Cubs sit in a cir­cle of chairs (chairs equal the num­ber of boys minus one). One boy’s select­ed to be ‘it’. He stands in the mid­dle and walks up to one per­son sit­ting. He asks, “Do you love your neigh­bor?” 

The per­son sit­ting has a choice–He can respond “Yes” or “No”. If the answer’s no, then the two peo­ple next to him rush to switch places, and the ‘it’ per­son tries to steal one of the chairs.

If he responds “Yes”, he must give a stip­u­la­tion. For exam­ple, “Yes, but I don’t love peo­ple wear­ing red.”  Then, every­one in red (or who­ev­er meets the stip­u­la­tion) would stand up and run to a new place, and the ‘it’ per­son tries to grab an open chair. Who­ev­er is left stand­ing is now ‘it’. Then, the process repeats. 

2. Black Mag­ic

They say a magi­cian nev­er tells his or her secrets, but this one is too good to keep qui­et. At least two peo­ple have to be in on how the game works, while every­one else tries to guess.

Black Mag­ic leaves Cubs feel­ing mind-blown about your abil­i­ty to know what they are think­ing. Instruc­tions for it can be found here

3. “I Have”

The Cubs sit in a cir­cle, and each holds up five fin­gers. Every Cub takes a turn say­ing some­thing he’s done before. Exam­ples might include:

I have attend­ed pri­vate school.”

I vis­it­ed a for­eign coun­try.”

If a boy’s nev­er done it, he puts a fin­ger down. The boy still hold­ing a fin­ger up at the end wins!

4. Draw A Man

Give each boy a pen and paper, and have them sit in a cir­cle. They’ll draw the head of a body (per­son, ani­mal, or alien). Then, each folds his paper (hid­ing the head), and pass­es it the per­son next to him. That per­son must try to draw the shirt with­out look­ing at the head.

The game con­tin­ues as a body is drawn. At the end, the boys unfold the papers, laugh­ing at their sil­ly cre­ations.

Lots of games–like Monopoly–take for­ev­er and cost mon­ey. But, you don’t want to make the ear­ly arrivals stand around for ten min­utes. After all, being time­ly to a Den meet­ing is great! To start a meet­ing, these quick, easy games (with lit­tle cleanup) rock. 

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