There’s a thirty minute gap between the early arrivals and the last stragglers at many Den meetings. But, you don’t want your Cub Scouts getting antsy (patience is a virtue, but who doesn’t like a little fun?). 

Here are some quick, practically-free games Cubs can play while waiting for a Den meeting to start:

1.  Do You Love Your Neighbor?

Cubs sit in a circle of chairs (chairs equal the number of boys minus one). One boy’s selected to be ‘it’. He stands in the middle and walks up to one person sitting. He asks, “Do you love your neighbor?” 

The person sitting has a choice–He can respond “Yes” or “No”. If the answer’s no, then the two people next to him rush to switch places, and the ‘it’ person tries to steal one of the chairs.

If he responds “Yes”, he must give a stipulation. For example, “Yes, but I don’t love people wearing red.”  Then, everyone in red (or whoever meets the stipulation) would stand up and run to a new place, and the ‘it’ person tries to grab an open chair. Whoever is left standing is now ‘it’. Then, the process repeats. 

2. Black Magic

They say a magician never tells his or her secrets, but this one is too good to keep quiet. At least two people have to be in on how the game works, while everyone else tries to guess.

Black Magic leaves Cubs feeling mind-blown about your ability to know what they are thinking. Instructions for it can be found here

3. “I Have”

The Cubs sit in a circle, and each holds up five fingers. Every Cub takes a turn saying something he’s done before. Examples might include:

“I have attended private school.”

“I visited a foreign country.”

If a boy’s never done it, he puts a finger down. The boy still holding a finger up at the end wins!

4. Draw A Man

Give each boy a pen and paper, and have them sit in a circle. They’ll draw the head of a body (person, animal, or alien). Then, each folds his paper (hiding the head), and passes it the person next to him. That person must try to draw the shirt without looking at the head.

The game continues as a body is drawn. At the end, the boys unfold the papers, laughing at their silly creations.

Lots of games–like Monopoly–take forever and cost money. But, you don’t want to make the early arrivals stand around for ten minutes. After all, being timely to a Den meeting is great! To start a meeting, these quick, easy games (with little cleanup) rock. 

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