The University of Scouting was this month and after attending some fun classes, there are a lot of new ideas to share about how to make Cub Scouting activities and crafts entertaining and engaging. If you’re feeling like you are in a rut and have run out of ideas, here are some new activities that were gathered and presented to attendees at this year’s University of Scouting meeting that may help you as a leader. 

Activities to Keep Gathering Time Tame

If you’re the leader of a pack, you know that gathering time gets pretty crazy. It’s a bit awkward when just one Scout arrives… and then two… and you’re all just twiddling thumbs waiting for everyone else to arrive. And then, when there are ten or more kids just running around, it’s hard to get everyone’s attention and pull everyone in to start the meeting. But, one of the best things you can do is have a gathering activity. A gathering activity gives the youth who shows up early, and every time in between, something to do as they wait for everyone else to show up. Having something planned for the youth to do right away eliminates boredom and therefore mischievous chaos. 

Here are some great activities to try during your next gathering time: 

Lollipop Superheroes: Set out a bunch of lollipops, you can be creative by making a fun bowl or holder, but laying them out on the table is OK too. Print and cut out some of these cute and fun superhero capes and then have your Scouts assemble their lollipop superheroes! 

Hidden Object: Take an object that can be easily overlooked, like a penny, and hide it in a visible, but easily overlooked place somewhere in the room where you are meeting. As the boys arrive, have them quietly search for the object. When they do find it, they sit down and excitedly watch as the other boys try to find the hidden object. The boys have to be quiet during this activity, as to not give the location of the object away, making the activity a great way calm them down and give you an opportunity to start the meeting easily. (from cub scout idea site

Egg carton caterpillar

Egg-carton caterpillar for Cub Scout activities from

Just in time for Easter, or just a fun spring-time activity to recycle used egg cartons! When your Scouts arrive, let them paint their caterpillar cartons. Then you can start the meeting and can end by gluing on the antennas and eyes at the end! For more instructions click here.



 Activities and crafts for your next Cub Scout Meeting 

One Scout leader presented the Cub Scout he made of cans. He fills the top can, the head can, with candy and passes it around for Scouts during meetings.

At the University of Scouting there were some very creative and fun leaders who are clearly passionate about Scouting and about sharing their love of Scouting with the next generation. These leaders and presenters introduced some unique ideas that can be used by any leader anywhere. Here are some favorites: 

Can of Chaos: Decorate a coffee can, or any kind of jar, and when you open the lid the kids get to make a bunch of noise- cheering, clapping, stomping their feet- making as much noise as they want. Then, you close the lid and all the noise stops because the kids have sent their noise into the can. This gives the kids a chance to get some energy out and have a fun visual of seeing the noise go away. You can open the can throughout the pack meeting for a fun break and to get the jitters out. 

Easy Block Projects: 

Use blocks to make pinewood derby showcase stands for your Scouts’ recently created derby cars. Have them decorate two blocks with paint, stickers, glitter, stencils, etc. and then glue one block to the other with wood glue.  

Save extra blocks for October when Halloween comes around to make fun block characters to put in the window or on the porch!  

Easy block crafts presented at a Univerity of Scouting class on Cub Scout activities. Use blocks to make fun Halloween crafts and showcase stands for your Scouts’ pinewood derby cars.

Marble Maze: Since the main supplies needed for this activity is some cardboard/ a cardboard box and marbles, this activity fits right into a small budget! Find out how to get your Cub Scouts making their own marbles mazes from this great post on Pinterest. 

Marble maze craft activity from Pinterest.









Foam Tube Ships: Another budget-friendly craft activity for your Scouts. Depending on how many Scouts you have, all you’ll need to buy is one or two foam pool tubes. Cut them up and stick some straws into them and attach a fun cut out for the sails. 

Foam boats to race at an activity. Picture from Pinterest.





Need more ideas?

University of Scouting presenters had fun activities but, when you need more ideas Pinterest is a great place to go. Search Cub Scout craft ideas or go to this link

Happy crafting!


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