Scouts headed to West Virgina. They sped down a 3/4 mile zip line, engaged in rugged mountain biking, and conquered insane obstacle courses. Their experiences led to unity, friendship, and memories.

They must have attended Jamboree, right? Not exactly. 

The boys engaged in one of the seven programs the Summit Bechtel Reserve offers year-round. In case you think you missed the experience of a lifetime, think again.

Check out these seven gratifying opportunities available to your Scouts:

1-The Summit Experience Program

Engage in all the elements of the SBR Adventure zone. Go mountain biking, skateboarding, zip lining, rock climbing, and more. This is a seven-day program available for youth age 13 and up. 

2-Helmets and Harnesses

For those who want to be die-hard climbers, this program offers in-depth guidance for mastering daunting rocks. Go climbing, engage in high up obstacle courses, and travel through the ropes of the canopy tours. Group size should be from 7-12 people. 

3-The Marksman

Some people just love hunting. With this program, you’ll enjoy seven days of shooting mastery. Shoot clays. Engage in 3D archery. Master trap shooting. Registered Scouts and leaders can attend (group must be majority youth).

4-Berms and Bars

Don’t just learn BMX biking; experience it. With this program, youth will engage in basic BMX tricks like wheelies, bunny hops, and jumps. They’ll hit the race courses and pump tracks. It’s three days of intensive training. 

5-Ramps and Rails

Want to be an excellent skateboarder? Embrace six-foot mini ramps. Skate on quarter pipes. Utilize the foam pit for aerial tricks. Master skateboarding skills in this three-day course. Also, engage in two additional elective programs of your choice.

6-New River Trek

There’s a reason pirates love water so much. Experience raging rapids with this 50-mile paddle trek through the Appalachian Mountains. Camp, fish, and engage with nature. All participants must pass the BSA Swim Test to participate. 

7-SBR Mountain Bike Trek

Go on a backpacking trek through old roads and historic towns. Face vertical climbs. Enjoy shoot gun shooting and bouldering. History? Adventure? Who wouldn’t want that?

We know you affiliate the Summit with Jamboree.

But, reconsider it as a brilliant option for Scouting adventures at any time. From crazy rapids to tall rock walls, which of the programs sound coolest for you and your troop?

For more information on these programs or to register, visit Summit’s website. 

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