Scouting and style haven’t always been words you’d put in the same sentence. That is, at least, until you see the swag at Jamboree. 

Different clothing trends start, and legacies rise at National Scout Jamboree. You see this in the commemorative patches, neckerchiefs, etc.. What really makes a council or troop stand out, however, is their regional Jambo swag!

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Nothing’s quite like an entire troop or council all sporting their Jambo swag together especially their shirts and hats. From a basic t-shirt or polo with a design on the upper left corner to more elaborate designs, every troop has their own flair. Some get quite a bit of attention and, if popular enough, you’ll find Scouts trading not just patches but swag too!


Jamboree swag is nothing new, as seen with this 1969 Jambo shirt representing Idaho. But, some councils have upped their game in the last couple decades. Fortunately, t-shirt materials improved over the years. Now, more councils sport lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, stain resistant, and (perhaps most importantly for an event like the Jamboree) odor-resistant athletic t-shirt styles.

Check out some of the past and present t-shirts from Jamboree to see a little of what came before and how much things have changed. 

Also, start dreaming of the future. It may seem far away, but the 2021 National Jamboree is going to come faster than you think. With it, people will take in a whole new with new swag! Interested in sharing some of your own creative finesse? Comment below with suggestions. Your ideas could help shape the style of hundreds (possibly thousands) of Scouts in upcoming world or national jamborees!

  Jamboree swag

Angela Shelley
Japanese Tour Guide turned Jamboree Joy Ride. Combine a dad full of natural curiosity of the world and a love of learning with a Scouting momma whose passion for children, education and the outdoors and you get a family with many Dutch oven cooking, camp song singing, compass-confounded exploring, squirrel-chasing experiences. Despite that, I never would have guessed I would one day be a National Parks and Monuments tour guide for Japanese people. And I never would have guessed I'd then move on to work for Boy Scouts of America.

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