Sev­er­al months ago, I wrote an arti­cle about the pow­er of a group and my feel­ings have not changed on the sub­ject.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see the demise of the Boy Scouts of Amer­i­ca due to polit­i­cal cor­rect­ness.

We are all aware of the recent changes, and the huge drop antic­i­pat­ed in BSA mem­ber­ship. We need to build up new troops to take up the slack. I, for one, real­ized that BSA nation­al, has made new rules, but always seemed to leave a door open to free choice for indi­vid­ual units.

I think you as indi­vid­u­als can reach out to groups in your towns or cities and talk to them about Scout spon­sor­ship. I’m talk­ing about the Elks, Kiwa­nis, Lions, Amer­i­can Legion, Town coun­cils, and any group who choos­es to help young men grow pos­i­tive­ly instead of turn­ing to drugs and/or gangs. Then you can all help in recruit­ing kids.

On the bright side, when tutor­ing in youth deten­tion, I made gang mem­bers write poetry…and they did it, and liked doing it. Peer pres­sure is strong, so you have to offer some­thing bet­ter. I think the BSA works because it offers hope. Giv­en a place to meet, and lead­ers, kids in jeans and t-shirts can learn many man­ly things, before becom­ing full fledged Scouts. Win them and turn them. Take away the “geek fac­tor” for just awhile.

Also, I strong­ly believe in church spon­sor­ship. I have lived many places, and they all had some sort of com­mu­ni­ty church group. The church lead­ers need to be approached to find out if they have enough boys of cub and/or Scout­ing age to form a unit. The big­ger church­es can open their doors to boys in the small­er church­es. It builds good fel­low­ship.  Many church­es will be leery because the BSA, because of the recent changes, but many are more lib­er­al. Instead of cast­ing stones, if church lead­ers work togeth­er, great things might hap­pen.

I am tired of assum­ing that BSA is close to extinc­tion. I am reach­ing out to all of you to hear your ideas of how we can all fight to save a won­der­ful tra­di­tion. I believe the BSA can thrive with the prop­er atti­tude, hon­esty, and the pow­er of a group. Please add your com­ments below. 

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