The Mannequin Challenge has taken social media by storm so our council thought we would take this opportunity to share a little something about Scouting.

The Nevada Area Council, completed the Mannequin Challenge and has received almost 2,000 views overnight. The Council used the activity as a team building exercise to highlight a few of their Scout values and day-to-day activities around the Scout office. 


We now challenge all of you to complete the challenge with your Council and send us the video to!

Dominique Pacheco
Dominique is a full time professional Scouter for Nevada Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, serving as District Executive of Pinenut District.


  1. Tyler North
    Tyler North ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Great job Nevada Area Council! I went to Camp Fleischmann several years as a youth and it was by far my favorite Scout camp in Northern California. Great program you guys run up there. There is just nothing that compares with the Pow Wow ya’ll put on at Little Gilwell.

  2. Darryl Alder
    Darryl Alder says:

    Looks like dang good fun. I had never heard of the Man­nequin Chal­lenge. Now the gauntlet is down we are going to have to take you on, but probably after the holidays.

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