Why Solo Scout?

Do you know a Scout who has a conflict with the troop’s camp dates? Maybe the troop isn’t going to Scout Camp at all this summer. Perhaps the Scout wants to experience a different camp or connect with new Scouts. It could be that your Scout wants a little extra adventure this summer. There is any number of reasons a Scout might be looking to adopt a troop for summer camp adventures. Whatever the reason, we have a troop for them when they sign up for camp as a Solo Scout!

Signing up as a Solo Scout allows Scouts without a troop for Scout camp to attend anyway! We provide a troop that Solo Scouts can adopt for the week while they are at summer camp. This year we have two Solo Scout Weeks at our most popular Camp Maple Dell. 

A classic-style Scout camp, Camp Maple Dell is conveniently located in Utah County, just five miles up Payson Canyon. Maple Dell adventures include Scouting favorites like lake time, high ropes course, shooting sports, great hikes, and more! With picturesque views and plenty of shady trees, Camp Maple Dell is an all-around Scout favorite.

Furthermore, attending as a Solo Scout creates a unique and exciting Scouting adventure. A Solo Scout will meet other Scouts that have a similar interest in and passion for Scouting. Solo Scouts are the ones who seek out Scouting for the sheer love of Scouting. Solo Scouts find like-minded Scouts who won’t let any obstacle keep them from a great summer adventure.

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While the reasons may be many, the choice is one and an easy one at that! Choose between the Solo Scout Weeks of June 24th or July 22nd at Camp Maple Dell and register for adventure today! If those dates don’t work with your schedule, some of our other camps can offer Solo Scout opportunities all summer long. 

Register today!

June 24th-29th                   July 22nd-27th


Or, email John.Gailey@Scouting.org to find a week that works with your schedule. 

Angela Shelley
Japanese Tour Guide turned Jamboree Joy Ride. Combine a dad full of natural curiosity of the world and a love of learning with a Scouting momma whose passion for children, education and the outdoors and you get a family with many Dutch oven cooking, camp song singing, compass-confounded exploring, squirrel-chasing experiences. Despite that, I never would have guessed I would one day be a National Parks and Monuments tour guide for Japanese people. And I never would have guessed I'd then move on to work for Boy Scouts of America.

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