Skyler Chapman never imagined how much of an impact his Eagle Scout project would have on his city. A 15-year-old Scout from Lehi, UT, Skyler wrote a traffic proposal to Lehi City, UT to add an extra road that would relieve a traffic problem that had lasted for years.

Not Your Average Eagle Project

A friend helps Skyler with his Eagle Scout project by giving out fliers to Lehi residents. (photo by Skyler Chapman)

“When I took the project to the Eagle board to get it approved, they were a little hesitant because it wasn’t a typical project. It felt really, really good knowing that I’d helped hundreds if not thousands of people every day.”

For weeks, with his family, friends, and troop, he filmed a traffic problem stretching a mile wide across 2300 W and 2100 N. Cars would pile up causing 20-30 minutes of delays for drivers commuting home from work.

In addition to filming the problem, he spent hours every day counting cars, handing out fliers and conducting research. Through his diligent efforts, he discovered a simple solution to the problem — tell Lehi City to add an extra right turn lane to the road.

Approval from the City

After completing the research stage, Chapman created a proposal offering his findings and advice to the city. Both Lehi City Council and UDOT gave the 15-year old a chance to present his work.

They were so impressed with his work that they approved his proposal. An extra lane was added just a few months later, allowing residents the option to turn right at the intersection of 2100 N and 2300 W.

Since the change was made, traffic has calmed down drastically and he was also featured on Fox 13 News Channel.

Skyler his Eagle Scout Court of Honor in November. (photo by Shiloam Chapman)

What it Means to be an Eagle

Six months later, on November 5th, he was given his Eagle Scout Award. When asked what it meant to him to achieve this great honor he said this:

“It’s a process of perseverance. I had to be willing to be able to do and follow through with what I knew needed to be done. It’s a fantastic leadership experience. It’s been hard becoming an Eagle Scout because of all of the work that’s gone into it.”

Getting to Know Skyler Chapman

Although the road to Eagle is the same, most Scouts have a favorite merit badge or experience along the way. Chapman said that one his favorite experiences came when he was working on his aviation merit badge.

A picture of Skyler in his native Lehi, UT. (photo by Shiloam Chapman)

“One of my favorite experiences was when we got to go to the Provo city airport and do a pre-flight. They showed us how the planes worked and explained the various switches and buttons inside the plane. I really enjoyed flying the simulator as well.”

Chapman is currently a Sophomore at Lehi High School, and he plans on serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after he graduates. He also plans on attending college.

This past summer he worked at Scofield Scout Camp serving as a staff member for shooting sports.

He was also recently honored at the Utah National Parks 2017 Celebration of Eagles event for his incredible project. There he got to stand side-by-side with the recipients of the Outstanding and Distinguished Eagle Awards. 

Skyler standing with this year’s Outstanding and Distinguished Eagle Scouts at the 2017 Celebration of Eagles. (photo by Maloree Anderson)

He enjoys photography and cinematography. You can find him taking photos with his DSLR camera and flying his drone around. Check out his portfolio here.

Next Steps

His next focus will be on helping Scouts along their journey to earn their Eagle Scout. The next Scout on his list to help is his brother.

“Right now, my brother is working on his Eagle project, so my plan is to help him out with that.”

Skyler Chapman hopes to continue to help more people both in Scouting and in his community. He is an extraordinary young man and has a bright future ahead of him no matter what path he takes in life.                                                                                          

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