What is pioneering? Why should you care about pioneering? How do you run an effective pioneering program within your Scout troop? All of these questions and more are answered in Larry Green’s new book, Scout Pioneering: Good Ol’ Fashioned Outdoor Fun. 

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Learn from Pioneering legends

In his book, Green shares insights he learned from some of the original legends of pioneering. Legends like: 1. John Thurman, Camp Chief at Gilwell Park for over twenty-five years, who is viewed by many as the father of Scout Pioneering, 2. John Sweet, the Camp Chief’s associate, and 3. Adolph Peschke, Green’s chief pioneering mentor, the author of the 1993 Pioneering Merit Badge Pamphlet.

In addition to sharing insights from pioneering legends, he also writes about how to establish a successful pioneering program that increases a troop’s retention and membership. 

250+ Images & 40+ Videos 

To top it off, each copy contains a large catalog of pioneering images and videos. 250 images of Scouts creating real pioneering projects. Additionally, each book has 40+ how-to skill videos and Scout meeting activity videos. These videos not only help teach Scouts pioneering skills, but they also teach troops how to run a successful pioneering program. 

“To me, the over-riding reason for presenting pioneering is that boys like it.” – John Thurman, Camp Chief, Gilwell Park

“I am inclined to suggest to Scouters that in addition to the technical details of knotting, lashing, and anchorages, there is an educative value in pioneering since it gives elementary training in stresses, mensuration, etc., and it also develops initiative and resourcefulness. Additionally, it gives practice in team work and discipline. In other words, pioneering is practical and character building: the two essential ingredients of any program material for Scouts.” – Robert Baden-Powell, Founder of Scouting

Four book options

There are four different book options to choose from:

  1. An e-book version is available online at Amazon books for $9.95.
  2. A Paperback version is available to order inside the Continental U.S. for $14.95.
  3. A Paperback version is available to order outside of the Continental U.S. for $19.95.
  4. A Full-Color Deluxe Edition is also available to order for $34.95.



Scoutcraft Area, Camp Coker, Pee Dee Area Council

About Larry Green:

Larry grew up in NY and was a member of Troop 242, sponsored by Temple Sinai. He attended Boy Scout Camp at Camp Wauwepex in Wading River during the summers of 1960-64. In 1964, he not only attended the National Jamboree at Valley Forge, but he also earned his Eagle Scout Award. 20 years later he served as a Cubmaster for his son in North Myrtle Beach. While there, he started Troop 888 in 1994 and served as Scoutmaster for twelve years. He currently is a member of the Boy Scouting Sub Committee and National Camping Task Force.

He runs his own blog, scoutpioneering.com where he has posted many articles, videos, and photos all about pioneering.   

A Scouting program consists of what Scouts DO! Providing a wide range of opportunities for fun, challenges, and personal growth, pioneering has all the qualities that keep Scouts involved and coming back for more. 

Amidst the wide spectrum of unique adventures available in Scouting, there’s always an attraction to and fascination with what’s termed, “old school.” Pioneering is all about using timeless skills to get things done and for having good ol’ fashioned outdoor fun!








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