Two days ago, my husband and I sat in a retro-style diner munching on deep fried french fries and large onion rings. A group of rambunctious Cub Scouts clamored inside, quickly filling up several booths.

My husband pointed them out to me, and I was super excited just to see them. The same thing happened when I saw a man wearing an Eagle Scout t-shirt and when I saw Boy Scouts walking around a college campus.

I see Scouts, and I feel like some people do when they see Taylor Swift or Sandra Bullock. And, I’m not exaggerating either. I get really, really excited.

I can’t tell you why exactly. But, I think it’s partly because I’ve fallen in love with Scouting and its benefits since I started working for the program.

This month is a good time to recognize the benefits of Scouting. Why? In February, we celebrate the anniversary of Scouting!

The Scout program formed over a hundred years ago by Baden Powell in England. But, it’s grown from its tiny beginnings. Youth all around the world don Scout uniforms, quote the Scout Oath and Law, and learn leadership skills. In the USA, there are around 2.5 million youth involved in Scouting.

Over years, Scouting’s motivated morals, created courage, and transformed teenagers. It’s encouraged principles like bravery and doing good deeds. Isn’t that worth celebrating?

Make this anniversary a time to reflect on the power of Scouting.

Here’re some great quotes about what the Scouting program has taught Scouts over the years:

In assisting his ‘neighbour’ every day to the best of his ability, and keeping truth, honesty, and kindness perpetually before him, the Boy Scout, with as little formality as possible, is pleasing God.–Robert Baden-Powell

The Boy Scout movement is distinctly an asset to our country for the development of efficiency, virility, and good citizenship. It is essential that its leaders be men of strong, wholesome character; of unmistakable devotion to our country, its customs and ideals.—Theodore Roosevelt

As each boy reaches Scout age, I make sure he learns the Scout Law. Then I break it down for him, with a few things I have picked up in more than half a century since I learned it.–John Wayne

The goodness of a person and of the society he or she lives in often comes down to very simple things, and the words found in the Scout Law. Every society depends on trust and loyalty, on courtesy and kindness, on bravery and reverence. These are the values of Scouting, and these are the values of America. —George W. Bush

I’m eager when I see Scouts. I represent them, and I hope they represent righteous, upright youth. The Boy Scouts of America has benefited us in so many ways.

How will you celebrate the  founding of Scouting this month?  What benefits has Scouting had on you, your son, your parents, or your grandparents?

Michelle Carpenter
is a reporter for the Voice of Scouting and a marketing associate for The Utah National Parks Council. Her father, husband, and brother are all Eagle Scouts, so she firmly believes some of the best men did Scouting.

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  1. Robert S. Poppoff says:

    I have been a Scout leader for 6 1/2 years, wood badge trained and proud of it, a veteran from Vietnam, and will continue in supporting BSA as long as I live, I respect Baden Powell and all he stands for. I hope to meet him some day. Contrary to that , I am extremely disgusted at the way the BSA has handled the gay-transexual thing (for lack of words on what to call it). I think the BSA higher ups sold out the Scout values. They cowered down to an immoral opposition when they should have dug in their heels and stood up for what was right and come what may. Isn’t that what we teach our scouts and all our youth? Whats next!?

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