Pinewood Derby Cars: Designing and Shaping a Fun Car

The Cheese Whizz The Pinewood Derby is one of the greatest Cub Scout activities in the world! It can be a very emotional and intense race, bringing out...

Program Planning for New Troops

A solid program plan is a must for any troop that hopes to attract new youth. For us as Scout Ambassadors, after training leaders, the next obvious step is helping new troops outline an adventure-packed program.

So Fall Recruitment Failed—How to Use Halloween for Cub Scout Recruiting

What happens in October? – HALLOWEEN, of course. So, how can a pack have fun using “Halloween” as a recruiting method? Think about it for a minute and anyone can come up with several ideas that are simple, fun and can involve the boys in the pack.

Scout Ambassador Toolchest: Knowing Your Charter Partner Market

Finding new chartered partners to sponsor packs, troops, and crews to serve youth in units chartered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is vital to supporting families who still want their children in Scouting. Knowing where to look and what to look for in potential chartered partners means you will really need to get to know your community in new ways that include other religious, community and educational organizations.

Fall Round-up for Cub Packs

When I moved to South Dakota and got involved with the Cub Scout membership efforts, I learned two great methods I would like to share: Peer to peer recruiting School recruiting Peer to peer recruiting...

Five Tips for Outrageously Successful Cub Scout Recruiting

Any successful Cub Scout pack can tell you the secret to staying strong is recruiting lots of new members each spring and fall. Here are tips from experienced leaders for growing your numbers each year: Recruit...

Check out an easier way to whip a rope that holds much better!

Preventing the ends of rope from fraying is a process referred to as “whipping.” Learning how to whip the ends of a rope is one of the early requirements on the Scouts BSA advancement trail. Larry Green will show you the easiest way ever to get it done

Be Prepared — Clean Water

In an emergency, water will be one of the most important and lifesaving needs. This article helps you learn several emergency treatments for water purification.

Gear Review: Build a Troop Trailer for $500 or Less

Summer is here and school is out which means it is time for some of the greatest Scouting adventures of the year. When it comes to transporting gear for our Scouting outings...

Spring Gear Review: The Grass is “Greener” with an Electric Mower that Helps you...

In Scouting we are taught to do our part to help the environment and go green. On April 22nd we celebrated Earth Day, so with spring in full motion and summer just...