Everyone knows mothers are an integral part of the BSA. In honor of Mother’s Day this week, we want to share stories of Scouting moms and everything they do to help their sons and daughters succeed in Scouting programs.

In a new series on the LDS-BSA Relationships blog, Nettie Francis draws on her experiences as a den leader, Cubmaster, Scout committee member and eleven-year-old Scout leader to share her insights with Scouting moms everywhere. Here are three of the articles in her Scouting Moms series. Be sure to check them out:

Scouting Moms 1Boy ScoutingFrom a Girl’s Perspective

What can an organization called the Boy Scouts of America have to offer girls and women? A Scouting daughter, camp staff member, wife, and mother tells us how Scouting has deeply affected her life.

Favorite quote: “I worried when my oldest son went to his first week-long Scout camp. He packed his own backpack. He set up his own tent. He built his own fire. He wrote his own skit. He made his own arrow. He crafted his own cardboard boat. He rowed himself across the lake . . . and sank. But he grabbed his paddle and swam to safety. He cried. He wanted to come home early. He stuck it out and came home a different boy.”

Five-Scouts-StandingEagle Scouts—A Mother’s Perspective

Moms are an integral part of any Scout’s trail to Eagle. They encourage, support, and help their sons through merit badges and projects, counselors and boards of review. This Eagle Scout mom talks about her sons’ experiences in Scouting and how they prepared her boys to be capable, character-filled adults.

Favorite quote: “My second son learned important life lessons as he earned his Eagle Scout rank. It took three Eagle Scout service project submissions, with lots of painful rejections, before his final project was approved. He then organized over 30 people to help, gathered donations, and made difficult phone calls (he’s quite shy). But, he survived!”


New Cub Scout leaders can feel overwhelmed by all the things they have to learn and the responsibility of corralling rambunctious Cubs. A mother and former den leader shares her experience getting involved with the Cubs in her area.

Favorite quote:”On Thursday afternoon, right on time, seven rambunctious boys showed up in my backyard. My supportive husband was on hand as an assistant leader, but he kindly left the meeting up to me. With all of the authority I could muster, I guided the boys through the Pledge of Allegiance, Cub Scout Promise, and an activity. My carefully laid plans were over in just a few minutes and I quickly found myself searching for a few Cub Scout games to entertain them until the hour was over. Still, by the time the boys tumbled home out of our yard I felt a sense of satisfaction that I had done it! I was officially a Cub Scout leader.”

Are you a Scouter mom? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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