Scouting offers your church distinct age-appropriate ministries as follows:

praying cub scoutCub Scouting activities involve the parents, adult leaders, and friends of Cub Scouts in home-centered programs that teach life skills, habits, values, and attitudes consistent with the interests of their church. Millions of boys and their families participate in Cub Scouting, the largest of the three Boy Scouts of America membership divisions. Cub Scout activities encourage character development, physical coordination, family unity, and enthusiasm for learning.

Scout-praying-at-jamboreeBoy and Varsity Scouting encourages boys to develop physical, mental, and emotional fitness and to adopt and live by meaningful personal standards as a cornerstone for success in life. These values include the basic principles in the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Activities include fitness and leadership training, wilderness adventures, and merit badge incentives for boys mastering hobby and career skills. Varsity Scouts carry it all one step forward with greater focus on High Adventure, Service and leadership development

Venturing is an effective coed young-adult program designed to improve character, citizenship, and fitness. Venturers exercise leadership, citizenship, fitness, social, outdoor, and community service endeavors. Venturing provides a variety of challenging activities to teach young people ages 14, or age 13 with the completion of eighth grade, through 20 the real-world meaning of values, ethical decision making, and life skills. Venturing teaches leadership and problem-solving skills to help youths mature into confident, successful adults. Venturing crews organize around a special vocation or interest of the youth members. The specialty clusters include outdoors, sports, arts and hobbies, youth ministry, and Sea Scouting.

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