Jamboree-bound Utah Scouts are at it again, demonstrating the Scout Law—a Scout is helpful.

While visiting the Air and Space Smithsonian Museum, Scouts from the Utah National Parks Council, specifically from the Ephraim and Vernal area, had to take shelter while a microburst loomed over head.

“… a thunderstorm cell dropped a deluge of water, lightNing and wind in central D.C.”

Because of the high winds, a large branch of a tree broke off and landed right in front of the museum, blocking the walkways. When the rains let up and the winds died down, those who sought refuge came out to continue their day. As the Scouts made their way to their tour bus they noticed the obstruction was in the path of the many visitors.

Daren Larsen, Scout Jamboree leader, said, “We can fix this,” and then motioned for his Scouts to work together as a team as they dragged the hindering tree branch out of the way where disposal services could get to it, clearing the path.

Another Scout Jamboree Leader, Harold Jepson, said “People got out their phones and took video of the Scouts’ immediate response to the action, applauding and thanking them for their good deed. Scout spirit, Scout power, and Scout service in real action.”

“Scout spirit, Scout power, and Scout service in real action.”

Earlier this week, Utah Scouts went viral on the internet after their behavior at a Golden Corral in West Virginia.

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  1. Avatar
    Denise says:

    I love this story, not only because it is what Scouting is all about, but because it is my husband’s (one of the Scout Masters) troop, and because one of those amazing Scouts is my son! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  2. Avatar
    Renee Lyman says:

    They sure are making this Council proud! What a credit to the Scouting name that they were quick to action and service!

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