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This last summer we were taking a ‘short cut’ through Utah to get to Dinosaur National Park. We were on a mountainous road and our ‘low’ air pressure light came on.

We thought we could make it to the next town but almost instantly we heard a thumping sound and our tire went flat.  Thankfully we were near a pull off area which is where we ended up.  No cell reception, so couldn’t call anyone.

We had just pulled off and a pickup truck with a trailer pulled in behind us.  There was one adult and a group of 4 or 5 young men who got out of the truck.  We were trying to find the spare tire, which was located in an awful spot underneath the front of the van.

The adult leader was using this opportunity to teach the young men how to change a tire. We had to get the tire out, the van was too low to the ground, the young men lifted up the side of the van to pull the tire out.  They got the tire on, we reloaded our stuff in the van and they left.

They told us that they had been camping the night before and were on their way home.  They were from the Boy Scout Troop 113 chartered by the Lehi Gateway LDS Stake’s 12th Ward. We eventually got the tire replaced.

We were so grateful to this wonderful group of young men and their leader.  They have no idea of what it meant to us to have them help us.  We just want to tell them thank you again and to let their leaders know of the job that those young guys did.  We didn’t get names, just the troop number.

If someone could please pass this story along, we would appreciate it.  We were a family of four.  Grandma, Mom, little boy, little girl and our little dog.

Thank you again.

janelle-hinrichsJanelle Hinrichs

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