If adult leaders received merit badges for their Scouting efforts, what would they earn? 

Inspired by CashNetUSA‘s list of 14 merit badges for adulting, we decided to put together our own list of imaginary merit badges. This time, though, we wondered what merit badges die-hard Scout leaders and parents would earn for their awesomeness in assisting in the Scouting program.

Here’s what we came up with for all the adults:

1-The Stick-it-Out Merit Badge

You’re fat, less healthy, tired–or, quite frankly, just not as into sleeping in a tent as you once were. And that’s what makes you brilliant. Even though you aren’t as spry as in your teenage years, you stick it out for them. You do the hard stuff. Through the Scouting program, you’ve gained this merit badge.

2- The Patience Merit Badge

Late night stunts, crazy teenage antics, and fire–you’ve mastered the art of being patient with young men. As an adult, it can be hard to understand the teenage ways. Sometimes you want to yell, but you don’t because you’ve gained this merit badge.

3-The Crazy Storytelling Merit Badge

If they don’t have movies, music, or Snapchat to entertain them, what will they do? Listen to your awesome stories, of course. You’ve gotten all the funny jokes, goofy voices, and moral messages covered, so you’ve earned this badge.

4- The Hands-Off Merit Badge

The temptation to stick your fingers all over a Scout’s work is huge. First, you had to deal with the temptation to win your Cub’s pinewood derby race for him, and it’s just gotten harder since then. I mean, you know how cool the Eagle is. Luckily, you let your son do the work. At least most of the time. 

5-The Medical Attention Merit Badge

From cuts to fires, you’re better than a Jedi master when it comes to helping injured boys. 

6-The Training Merit Badge

We know. We know. It seems like there is a lot of training in Boy Scouts. Even when it’s easy, you still have to take time away from your favorite TV show to do it. However, you get your training done, and you learn something from it. We thought a merit badge might make you feel better about it. (After all, those boys are worth it.)

7-The Great Role Model Merit Badge

You’ve changed boys’ lives. Sometimes you forget this, but you have. They look up to you, follow your example, and become like you. So, we applaud you for making the world better. 

It may be hard to realize, but adult leaders learn crazy skills too. They may not earn tangible badges, but the lessons learned are a pretty great reward. What merit badge have you gained as an adult involved in the Scouting program? 

Michelle Carpenter
is a reporter for the Voice of Scouting and a marketing associate for The Utah National Parks Council. Her father, husband, and brother are all Eagle Scouts, so she firmly believes some of the best men did Scouting.

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