social-media-platformsHave you ever been on Facebook and wondered how you got where you were? How about pin hopping on Pinterest; what was that first search that got you going anyway? Have you ever Tweeted your displeasure about a business’s poor customer service?

These are all symptoms of being a social media drifter, just going where the flow takes you. But there is a better way, and it begins with adding purpose to your time online. Our short course will help find that purpose, and you can start right now (just click here). We promise you will add deeper value to your time on the internet.

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Not sure yet? Let us tell you a bit more about why completing our Social Media Certification will make a difference.  

Every day, billions of us interact electronically, but not always in meaningful or even safe ways. We send an Instagram to our friends and family. Why? That gripe we tweeted on customer service, was it helpful? We posted our granddaughter’s first step on Facebook so that everyone on the planet could see.  You viewed a hilarious YouTube video and just had to share. But why did you share it and who did you sent it to?

For many of us, social media is an easy way to feel in touch with relatives or past friends and colleagues. But here are some other things to consider (form Heidi Cohen’s actionable marketing guide):

1- Facebook is social media’s mass market
2- Twitter is social media’s broadcast system
3- LinkedIn provides professional connections that result in lead generation and drive sales
4- Google+ keeps marketers’ attention
5- YouTube remains video’s home

Knowing just that, don’t you wonder if what you last posted landed in the right place?

You need to decide on the purpose of the social media you use. When you record that purpose in your profile and live by it, things will start to change. That’s what this certification will do for you. We guide you step by step to more worthwhile posting.

If you have children and they certify, they will become safer and more responsible while using social media, and you will find yourself feeling safer too. Your will understand how to get involved in discussions happening in social media, and those discussions are bound to be more substantial as you find yourself connecting in important ways. You are going to encourage family and associates to share their personal stories and thoughts on what is important to them, because you find meaning there. And best of all, you will help to “flood the earth with good messages,” including messages on how Scouting is building youth and helping you accomplish the mission of your chartered partner.

There are six levels to the Social Media Certification. The first is the Core, which offers a good start. At each level, you’ll complete a set of requirements, building on past levels before rising to the next level of certification. These include:

  1. Core: Learn the basics
  2. Coach: Helping others learn and use the basics
  3. Curator: Filtering through interesting content across the web and sharing the best news, articles, videos and infographics on your social platforms.
  4. Creator: blogging and writing your own thoughts and feelings
  5. Collaborator: working with others to strengthen your messages
  6. Consultant: helping other organizations like your church or club to do the same thing

Melany Gardner
Is the editor for the Voice of Scouting and marketing specialist at the Utah National Parks Council. She is a benefactor of Scouting through her Eagle Scout husband and loves to test his Scouting skills every time she breaks something.


  1. Kevin Hunt
    Kevin Hunt ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

    I have been spending time taking the Social Media Certification course. This is a great course meant to help all of us involved in social media. I have learned a lot of new skills through the course and I recommend it to anyone – writer and readers of social media. I can see that I have a lot more to learn to really be effective as a social media blogger and author. Thanks for the great course.

    1. Madison Austin
      Madison Austin ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for pointing that out! We are working to get it fixed and will email you once the link is live.

    1. Melany Gardner
      Melany Gardner ( User Karma: 3 ) says:

      Yes, the center patch is the patch you earn for the first and Core level of the training.

  2. Avatar
    Ken Krogue ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Here is the page to get your the CORE and COACH of the Social Media Certification. Curator and Creator are coming out shortly! – Ken Krogue​

  3. Melany Gardner
    Melany Gardner ( User Karma: 3 ) says:


    Follow the link in this article to get started on both of these courses. These are both great course for Scouts and for adults. If you want to use social media for a purpose this is where to start. I suggest you give it a try and then show others. Both courses are free, so just click the link and get started! If you have anymore questions you’re welcome to email me

    1. Avatar
      Dustin Jewell says:

      I completed the Core course and thought it was both informative and eye opening. I’d really like to take the Coach course to further my knowledge, however, the only links I seem to be able to find only offer the Core course again. Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch on the webpage? Thank you in advance for your assistance!

  4. Avatar

    Thank you for putting this resource up. I’ve gone on and while I am an experienced user of social media, there were some powerful ideas I was able to use immediately. I expect that those with only basic skills will take away even more. Well done!

  5. Avatar
    Gene Carruth says:

    I would like to see more information on these two classes that I learned about at the Rootstech 2016. I am a Director of a Family History Center and would like more details about both programs. I would like to push the genealogy merit badge with our Stake scouting leaders but want to make sure how the program works. Not sure of how the merit badge program works. I have signed up just to look at the material.

    Do I need to sign up for the social media program just to see if I am interest in it. It is something I may want the workers in our Family History Center to consider taking.

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