The Starving Student Card is back for 2020 and we’re kicking off this fundraiser with a Super Saturday Sales Kick-off. We want our Scouts to hit their fundraising goals so we’re giving them an extra incentive (earn more $$$!) to jump start their sales. Join us,

Saturday, January 25th, 8:00AM
at the
Orem Scout Office

During this fundraiser kick-off Scouts, leaders, parents, and whoever wants to fund their dream year will get direction on selling instructions and collect the new 2020 Starving Student Cards.

Earn extra money, Saturday ONLY!

Then, for the 25th only, Scouts have a chance to earn extra money! For any cards sold (and money turned in by 5pm back at the Orem Scout office) Scouts and units (packs/troops) will get:

$1 in an Amazon gift card per card sold
An additional $1 on top of the 50% commission per card sold

As usual, for every ten (10) cards sold, the Scout will be entered into a drawing for some amazing prizes! (This incentive lasts through end of fundraiser, April 10th).

Individuals, Cub Packs, Scout Troops, Venturing Crews, Young Women Groups and Youth Ministry Groups can sell cards to raise money for the year’s activities. Look at your planned activities for the year, then estimate how many cards your unit needs to sell to fund your ideal year of Scouting.

Starving Student Card

What to know about the card

Price is $30 a card that includes an entire year (expires Jan. 1, 2021) of free stuff and hundreds of discounts. Other like-fundraisers expire in September. The Scout Starving Student Card gives buyers an extra 3 months of savings! This is the biggest bang for your buck discount card.

What’s on the Starving Student Card?

No matter what people are looking to save on, the Starving Student Card has them covered. Here are some of the top discounted items on the card:

  • BYU Athletics
  • UVU Athletics
  • Costa Vida
  • Massage Green Spa
  • Fat Cats
  • Burger King
  • Cold Stone
  • And more!
  • See full list of what’s on the card.

Selling the Starving Student Card

Selling Scout Starving Student Cards is easy. First, start by picking up your cards at the Orem Scout Office or your local Scouting professional.

Sign out 5 cards to each Scout. Scouts can then team up in pairs, or go as a group and do a blitz around the neighborhood. Take turns as to who gets the credit for each sale. It’s always a good idea to bring an adult and only visit friends, family, and neighbors you know.

Starving Student Card

Another great way to sell cards is to get permission from grocery stores to let Scouts stand out front and promote the cards to shoppers. Just like Girl Scouts can sell cookies, Scouts can use this method to sell lots of cards quick.

We suggest using Venmo or cash for transactions.

It’s also important to have Scouts keep track of the names and phones number of the individuals purchasing cards. These individuals can then be approached again next year. As Scouts sell cards and turn in funds, always record their progress on the Scout Tracking Sheet. Sign out more Cards as needed.

You can always go to the Scout office for more cards if you run out.

Take advantage of this extra incentive and join us Jan. 25th for the Super Saturday Sales Kick-off!

Maloree Anderson
Maloree is a photographer, graphic designer, Ravenclaw, mom of one, friend of Scouting and Marketing Specialist with the Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America.

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