Peo­ple are famil­iar with Boy Scouts of America’s Sum­mit Bech­tel Reserve (SBR). They know that every four years they can head up there for Jam­boree. But, what is it used for the rest of the time? The Paul R. Chris­ten High Adven­ture Base offers eleven pro­grams with­in these three cat­e­gories:

  1. The Sum­mit Expe­ri­ence High Adven­ture Pro­gram intro­duces all com­po­nents of the SBR Adven­ture Zone;
  2. Focused Pro­grams allow Scouts and Ven­tur­ers to focus pri­mar­i­ly on a par­tic­u­lar area of the SBR’s adven­tures and con­cen­trate on devel­op­ing their skills in that focus area while still hav­ing some time for elec­tive choic­es, and;
  3. Advanced Pro­grams pro­vide the oppor­tu­ni­ty to reach advanced skill lev­els in a sin­gle high adven­ture skill set.

High adven­ture at The Sum­mit height­ens any Scout or Venturer’s expe­ri­ence; is not just about adren­a­line and the wow fac­tor. It’s about dig­ging deep with­in your­self, find­ing out what makes you tick and dis­cov­er­ing how to push beyond what you think you can do.

The Summit Experience High Adventure Program

This is a seven-day/six-night pro­gram run­ning Sun­day to Sat­ur­day. It con­sists of half-day intro­duc­to­ry lev­el expe­ri­ences at each of the nine Sum­mit high adven­ture venues: BMX, skate­board­ing, moun­tain bik­ing, zip lines, canopy tours, chal­lenge cours­es, climb­ing, shoot­ing sports and more–in one week-long camp­ing adven­ture. The Sum­mit Expe­ri­ence is only pro­gram that lets you try all The Summit’s high adven­ture activ­i­ties

In addi­tion, each group per­forms a half-day ser­vice project and has the chance to ride The Big Zip – The Summit’s 3⁄4 mile zip line. Also, every night (Mon­day-Fri­day), the Scott Sum­mit Cen­ter for activ­i­ties will be open for fun and social­iz­ing. The Scott Sum­mit Cen­ter incor­po­rates small ver­sions of the bases adven­ture sports venues.

The Sum­mit Expe­ri­ence is open to reg­is­tered Scouts and Ven­tur­ers who are at least 13 years old by the Sep­tem­ber 1 of the year they attend and their reg­is­tered lead­ers.

The min­i­mum group size is sev­en with the major­i­ty being youth mem­bers. There is no max­i­mum group size.

Focused Programs

Focused pro­grams allow Scouts to dig deep­er into those high adven­ture activ­i­ties that inter­est them the most. Spend a week devel­op­ing skills in one adven­ture sport area as well as expe­ri­enc­ing oth­er elec­tive activ­i­ties.

The Sum­mit pro­vides tents, cots and all pro­gram equip­ment for your unit. Break­fast and din­ner will be served in the Sum­mit din­ing hall. Shelf-sta­ble lunch­es will be issued to accom­pa­ny par­tic­i­pants to their dai­ly pro­gram venues.

Scout­ing pro­grams empha­size the devel­op­ment of lead­er­ship, char­ac­ter, cit­i­zen­ship and fit­ness. To accom­plish these goals, young peo­ple need the oppor­tu­ni­ty to push past their com­fort zones in real world set­tings that help them under­stand who they are and envi­sion who they can become. High adven­ture pro­grams pro­vide cru­cial expe­ri­ences that help young peo­ple clar­i­fy their val­ues, their goals and their vision for the future.

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  1. Madison Austin
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    What a great expe­ri­ence to gain knowl­edge of an out­door skill! Jam­boree is the per­fect place to push past com­fort zones and have amaz­ing expe­ri­ences you wouldn’t nor­mal­ly have.

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