As the holiday season is in full swing our thoughts are turned to gratitude. Why not take some of that gratitude and reflect on the service we receive through Scouting. Scouting is made possible through the volunteers and families who dedicate their time and talents. How can we thank these volunteers and family members you may ask? Below is a list of 20 different ways to give thanks and show your appreciation in your family, unit, district, and council:

  1. Say thank you with a cup of coffee or a coffee gift card. TIP: Attach a note that says, “thanks a ‘latte’ for all you do.”
  2. Mail a card and add a personal touch by making it handwritten.
  3. Simply say “thank you” and say it often.
  4. Frame a picture and have everyone sign a thank you note. TIP: This is a great gift for a Troop to give a Scoutmaster or a Pack to give a Cub Master, etc.
  5. If the person you are thanking is someone you correspond with via e-mail send them an e-mail thank you or e-card.
  6. Take the opportunity to serve those who serve you; this can be as simple as taking a couple extra minutes out of your day to do something for them so they have more time to do something else.
  7. Give them a gift card or gift certificate to somewhere or something they enjoy.
  8. Write a letter to tell someone that you personally appreciate all that they do.
  9. Praise them publicly. Take the opportunity to applaud your leaders, family, and so on for all the hard work they do.
  10. Present them with the honor of a plaque or certificate.
  11. Create a video. TIP: Have everyone in the unit record a quick thank you and compile it into a video for the recipient.
  12. Say thank you through food. TIP: Bake cookies or bring them their favorite snack.
  13. Create a personalized banner or poster.
  14. Generate a post on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and tag the person you are thanking.
  15. Make them a personalized GIF or Meme.
  16. Give them a jar of compliments. TIP: Have everyone in the unit write down one thing they like or appreciate about that person and place those note in a jar.
  17. Give them a photo album. TIP: Include pictures from unit meetings and campouts from that year or, for a family member, give them pictures of everything they or their Scout has participated in.
  18. Send them a postcard.
  19. Get them a subscription to Boy’s Life and Scouting Magazine if they don’t already have one.
  20. Give them some Scout popcorn. TIP: Add a note that says, “just ‘popping’ in to say thanks.”

I hope you can take one or more of these ideas back to your family, unit, district, or council and show your gratitude for their service to Scouting. Give thanks often and always.

Eleanor Anderson
Eleanor is a District Executive for the Western Colorado Council. She enjoys camping and spending time outdoors. Eleanor and her husband come from active and involved Scouting families and hope to carry on the Scouting tradition. Connect with Western Colorado Council (via Social Media):

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