In 2010, the Boy Scouts of America celebrated 100 years of Scouting, and in appreciation of all that our founding members do, the BSA created the Founders Bar recognition patch. The Founders Bar recognizes the extreme importance of forming and nurturing a new Scouting unit. The Bar encourages multiple-year rechartering so that new units can continue to be identified and members can continue to wear the patch. 

Who can wear the Founders Bar?

The Founder’s Bar can be worn by youth and adults whose names are on a new-unit charter or who joined the new unit before the unit rechartered for the first time.

Members in a veteran unit, a unit that has been in existence for a while, can still wear the Founder’s Bar with that unit’s numerals. The unit, however, must still be in operation and be on the original charter.

Why are the Founding members so important?

Looking back, the founding members of the BSA were truly driven, influential leaders who believed in the program they created. The same program that has now been in existence for over 100 years and has impacted millions of Scouts across the world. The founding members laid the foundation, and today’s founding members continue to build and improve on that foundation. These founding members continue to create and drive interest in new Scouting units. The BSA couldn’t continue to enrich the lives of youth without their sustained dedication to growing the Scouting community.  

Become a Chartered Partner / Organization

All of the Boy Scouts of America units are owned and operated by chartered organizations. Chartered organizations are religious-based, civic, community or educational groups that partner with the Boy Scouts of America to sponsor a unit. Our chartered organizations are the cornerstone of the Scouting program. They have the opportunity to become involved in a program that has a positive influence on young individuals and their families. 

bsa chartered partner

Becoming a chartered organization is really a great opportunity to make a lasting impact on your community. Your organization and Scouting will help young men and women grow into confident, independent adults. Your organization will provide adequate meeting places for the unit and be given the opportunity to select leadership for each unit. Contact your local council and become a chartered partner today.

Become a Scouting Ambassador

A Scouting Ambassador also contributes to the continued growth of the Scouting program.  They continue to build and retain relationships and connections in their community. Their ability to work with religious organizations, clubs, and community organizations make Scouting possible for thousands of youth. 

Becoming a Scouting Ambassador is very rewarding. As an ambassador, you take part in the important process of identifying chartered partners and possible leaders for that unit. Your work ensures that there is continued engagement in the Scouting program in your community. Your community will benefit from the influential values, skills, and beliefs that this program offers to youth. 

Continue to support youth in your community by becoming a founder, a chartered partner, or simply by becoming an ambassador to continuing the growth of the Scouting program nationwide. 

is a Westminster College graduate who majored in communication and minored in environmental studies. She is currently a Marketing Associate at the Utah National Parks Council. She loves to travel and get outside as often as she can. Growing up overseas on military bases she fulfilled her desires to travel to many different countries. After high school, she returned stateside to pursue her passion for the environment and acquire her Bachelor's degree.

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