The 12 Days of a Scout Christmas has become one of our favorite traditions on the Voice of Scouting, and we hope you will visit every day, beginning Friday, Dec 14, to find inspiring Christmas messages based on doing a good turn daily. On the fourth day of Christmas, we would like to share with you ways you can do a good turn by giving aid to refugees near you and around the world. 

Help Refugees in your Area and Across the World

There are more than 65 million refugees in the world, according to the United Nations. Fleeing war, famine, persecution, and natural disaster, some travel thousands of miles for safety and security. This Christmas, you can do a good turn by helping this large and diverse population feel more welcome, safe, and comfortable in your area and around the world. Everyone deserves to feel joy and love during the holidays.

There are many different ways to help and support refugees, both at the local and global level. And don’t forget, your Scouts can spearhead service projects to specifically help refugees. From Eagle Scout projects to donation drives, youth can make a big impact this holiday season and on. 


Some goods that are almost always needed by refugees include basic items—home essentials kits, cleaning supplies, diapers, and even toys for young kids. “We go through 100 to 450 [home essentials] kits a week,” says Amy Dott Harmer, executive director of the Utah Refugee Connection. “These are items that are most helpful to [refugees].” Collecting and donating these items to local refugee shelters could be a great service project for families and Scouts during the holidays. 


“People who volunteer to help spread understanding of the global refugee crisis are the most valuable resource we have and are crucial to expanding support in the United States.”  –Anne-Marie Grey. Executive Director and CEO, USA for the UN Refugee Agency

Another great way for Scouts to get involved in helping refugees is by fundraising for an agency you believe in. There are many great organizations that will put your donations to a good cause. 

There are many easy ways to fundraise. Here are a few examples: 

  • Host a public event like a car wash, bake sale or potluck. Secure a location and enlist the help of a dozen or so friends.
  • Gift your wedding or birthday presents. Register to help refugees or ask for donations instead of gifts.
  • Run, walk, or climb – Grab your sneakers and get your community involved. Get outside and get active to support refugees.
  • Talent show: give the kids a chance to show off their budding talents with a show where parents are invited to attend for a small optional donation or 

Learn more about how to fundraise for refugees HERE.

Spread the Word

Another easy way Scouts, families, and youth groups can support refugees is by spreading the word. Help spread knowledge about the global refugee crisis by sharing one of the infographics below with your friends and family!

Madison Austin
studies Public Relations at Brigham Young University and is a marketing specialist at the Utah National Parks Council. She is an avid hiker and enjoys being outdoors. Growing up in the mountainous regions of Colorado and Virginia enabled her to follow these passions. After moving to Utah to attend college, she has spent her time fostering both a career in Communications and a love for Utah's National Parks.

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