It is volunteer appreciation month and we are very grateful for all of you who dedicate your time and talents to Scouting. Scouting is blessed to have so many who care so passionately about its goals and values. 

Address given by John Hovanesian, February 03, 2017
John A. Hov­ane­sian, Chair­man, Orange Coun­ty BSA and his children Joseph, Danny and Anni
John A. Hov­ane­sian, Chair­man, Orange Coun­ty BSA and his children Joseph, Danny and Anni

“What can a single volunteer accomplish?  Most of us think about our impact on a small scale, like what we accomplish at a single meeting or on a weekend.  But have you ever stopped to think about the cumulative impact of a volunteer’s good deeds? 

“I’ve got a den of of nine very cantankerous Wolf Cubs and sometimes I wonder what impact they’re going to have on the world apart from destroying the church basement where we meet. But really, one of them one day may go on to be a Secretary of State like Rex Tillerson.

“The interesting thing about volunteering is that we never really know what’s going to come of our young men and women when they grow up.  I did a little homework and some math using real life data from Scouting volunteers I know, and the results just might surprise you.”

Dr. John A. Hovanesian, Chairman, Orange County BSA, shares some insights into his Scouting up- and down-line and the heritage we all can leave through our volunteer service. Listen to his inspiring words in 7.5 minute video above to learn more!


Dr. John Hovanesian
Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America, Dr. John Hovanesian, M.D., is a seasoned Scouter and blogger who shares tips and tricks to help your family get the most out of your Scouting experience.

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