Three Blind Triplets Earn Their Eagle Scout Award


On October 25, history was made for the Boy Scouts of America. Three blind triplets all earned their Eagle Scout Awards together, a first since the BSA was organized in 1910. Nick, Steven, and Leo Cantos were inspired by their adopted father, who is also blind, to accomplish this great feat.

Just like all other Eagle Scouts – the Cantos brothers had to earn 21 merit badges, serve in leadership positions and complete Eagle Scout projects. They did all these things without any receiving any special assistance. The boys earned their award the same way everyone else is required to.

Nick, Steven and Leo Cantos at their Eagle Scout Court of Honor with their father, Ollie Cantos. (photo from LDS Living)

But the triplets never imagined they would achieve such a high honor. Just seven years prior, they lived a sheltered life with their mother, Ceila Gracia, in Arlington, VA. Because of their blindness, Gracia wouldn’t let the boys out of the house very often, to protect them from harm.   

That all changed in 2010 when the triplets met Ollie Cantos, a lawyer from Virginia who had also been born blind. After his initial visit, Cantos began making it a habit to see the boys regularly. Over the years he taught them life skills and built their confidence.

Eventually, after obtaining permission from Gracia, he adopted the three boys. Under his influence, they developed loftier goals including attending college and earning their Eagle Scout Awards. The triplets graduated from High School in June and just earned their Eagle Scout Awards in October.

The Cantos brothers together in Arlington D.C. (photo from Fox 5 DC)

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a difficult accomplishment that requires a lot of hard work, time and energy. No one would have ever thought three blind Scouts could accomplish such a feat, but the Cantos brothers rewrote the rules and achieved the impossible.

They are continually proving that anyone can achieve their goals no matter the circumstances. All that one has to do is work hard and put his or her goals in view.

You can read more about their full story at The

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