Recruiting new Cub Scouts is a great opportunity to grow and develop your Cub Scout Pack. Just as your current Cub Scouts and their families enjoy the exciting learning opportunities your pack presents, so can others in your community. All it takes is an extended hand of welcome and friendship and an invitation. These ideas can help you do just that. Some of these ideas will be just right for your pack, while others might be better suited for a future pack down the road. So, read through these proven methods and figure out what will work best for your unique pack. And of course, brainstorming with these ideas will only lead to more. The only true limit is your imagination!

The Top 10 Methods 

Check out these TOP TEN ideas. All packs should consider these proven methods. 

  1. Pack information sheet – Every Pack should develop and distribute a Pack Information Sheet. It should include dates, times, and places; calendar; list of leaders information; and other events. Give copies to your chartered partner, pack families, local schools, and churches. 
  2. Chartered partner organization visit – Before school begins, you can schedule a meeting with your chartered partner. This is an opportunity to outline ideas and requests for your recruitment effort. Take your Pack Information Sheet. Then, be prepared to explain how Cub Scouting benefits their organization. 
  3. Meeting with the principal A meeting with the school principal will strengthen relationships and foster support for your recruitment efforts. While there, explain the benefits for the boys and for the school. A principal will appreciate a pack that is a source of school volunteers. 
  4. Flyers – Local councils will often provide promotional flyers, or a pack can create their own. Order or produce the flyers well in advance and include dates, times, and locations. Utilize teachers and classrooms of current boys to distribute flyers. 
  5. Wear the uniform – The uniform is a walking billboard! Ask Cub Scouts and leaders to wear it to events like back-to-school night. Furthermore, you can design a cool pack t-shirt that Cub Scouts can wear on a more regular basis. 
  6. School visits – Visits to classrooms and lunchrooms are highly successful in getting boys excited about Cub Scouting. Be sure to take visual aids, props, and stickers to make presentations lively and memorable. Visits can be done up to three days in advance of the joining night event. Also, it is important to stress that boys must bring a parent or guardian.
  7. Stickers & Tyvek wristbands – Stickers may be more likely to make it home than a flyer. Boys can put these in places that parents are likely to see. An alternative to stickers is wristbands. They can be printed with joining night information. Many councils provide stickers free of charge and might do the same for wristbands. 
  8. Yard Signs – Before joining night, place signs at school entrances and exits, and other high traffic areas. Then, distribute signs for parents to post in their yards or at places of business. Include date, time, and location of joining night. You can use Council signs or produce your own. 
  9. Picture boards – Display boards speak louder than words! First get permission, then set them up at back-to-school nights, church activities, and other places families will see them. In addition, be sure to include contact information and any joining night information. 
  10. Back-to-school nights – Your pack is part of the fiber of your school. Being present and in uniform there and at other school activities is an important way to increase awareness of what you have to offer. While there, take names and contact information of interested families. You can also personally call them and remind them of recruitment nights. Furthermore, encourage pack leaders and parents to volunteer at these events. 

Other Creative Methods

  1. Create Business or “buddy” cards to give out. 
  2. Create personalized invitations.
  3. Give personal phone calls/email invitations.
  4. Affix labels with pack information to Halloween candy.
  5. Perform school service projects while in uniform.
  6. While selling popcorn or other fundraisers, include informative flyers and thank you cards. 
  7. Display booths at community events. 
  8. Host activities at local recreation centers. 
  9. Hang posters and leave flyers in local libraries. 
  10. Write a newsletter for the local paper. 

In addition, for other ideas and more detailed information, check out this pamphlet regarding how to find new Cub Scouts. And finally, get ready to watch your numbers grow! 

Madison Austin
studies Public Relations at Brigham Young University and is a marketing specialist at the Utah National Parks Council. She is an avid hiker and enjoys being outdoors. Growing up in the mountainous regions of Colorado and Virginia enabled her to follow these passions. After moving to Utah to attend college, she has spent her time fostering both a career in Communications and a love for Utah's National Parks.

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