Halloween is hands down one of the funnest holidays of the year. You get candy, parties, Harry Potter marathons, tricks, and the best decor around. Take advantage of the spooky excitement and make your Scouting activities full of fright!

Below are the top five ghoulish adventures for your Scouts this Halloween:

1. Pumpkin Axe Throwing

Yes, you read that right; throwing axes at pumpkins. Axe throwing has become increasingly popular this year and for good reason too. I mean, you get to throw an axe at something. Now, imagine throwing an axe at something that has the potential to chop right in half. This adventure can be a great way to practice proper handling of sharp objects. No matter how cool the activity, safety must take priority. Take the time to talk about the Totin’ Chip and the importance of blade safety.

2. Film a Scary Movie

This activity may take a little bit longer to accomplish but totally worth it. Your troop can work on their Movie Making Merit Badge by filming a short scary movie. Using the merit badge requirements as a guide, let your Scouts plan, prepare, and follow through with all the movie making magic. Let them get creative with “special effects” and twist endings. This could be an October long project then come Halloween, your Scouts can sit down and enjoy their masterpiece.

3. Halloween Crafts

Get crafty with your Scouts this Halloween. Pinterest offers unlimited Halloween crafts that your Scouts will love! Work on the Engineer Cub Scout Adventure by designing cupcake monsters or think outside the box on how to build the tallest pumpkin tower. You’ll be surprised how creative young boys and girls can be when you give them tools. Plus, you get spooktacular Halloween decoration to display!

4. Camping Trick or Treat

Plan your October monthly overnighter to incorporate the thrill of Halloween by adding trick or treating to the campout experience. Scouts can decorate their tents and then trick or treat! Invite other troops for more tents and people. The more the merrier! Then of course sit around the campfire to tell scary stories and munch on s’mores.

5. Halloween Cooking

Dutch oven cooking is perfect for the fall season. Why not combine delicious dutch oven recipes with Cooking Merit Badge work. Below are some top favorite dutch oven dishes that are sure to get your Scouts stomachs rumbling for Halloween:

Halloween is a holiday for everyone, even Scouts. Get creative in your Scouting adventures and activities. Take advantage of the frights, fun, and thrills. Make Halloween with your Scouts terrorific!

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