If the thought of a picturesque ski-chalet tucked away in the Swiss Alps doesn’t sound like the setting for the best trip ever, then this post may not be for you. However, if experiencing new cultures, hiking beautiful trails, exploring a new country sounds good to you, keep reading! 

What Exactly is Kandersteg?

We’re glad you asked. Following the success of the first ever Jamboree held in London during 1920 Lord Baden-Powell expressed his wish of a Permanent Mini-Jamboree where Scouts from all over the world could meet.

In 1921 during a holiday in Kandersteg, Walter von Bonstetten (then Chief Scout of Switzerland) discovered a disused Chalet. The buildings had originally been used as accommodation for the workers and their families who built the nearby Lötschberg railway tunnel but had long since been abandoned.

Von Bonstetten wrote to Baden-Powell telling him of this magical place he had found, inviting him for a visit which happened in 1922. In February 1923, the “Scouts International Home” Association was set up. On April 12, 1923 the Chalet and the surrounding land was bought and the Kandersteg International Scout Centre came into existence.

The rest, as they say, is history…

Visit Kandersteg Now

Scouts of all ages have the opportunity to visit the Centre. Many different lodging opportunities are available in order to accommodate all different types of groups, from small families to large Scout groups. You can check out all the options here

If your Scout group decides they want to visit Kandersteg, just like the Scout Motto reminds us, it is important to be prepared.

Hiking in the Alps: These activities are made to prepare the Scouts for our High Adventure programme at KISC. During the activities, Scouts will get basic knowledge about what to wear while hiking, what to pack, and how to avoid blisters. This activity is recommended for all Scouts planning to go hiking in Kandersteg, whether they will be guided or not.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: These activities will prepare the Scouts for the elaborate recycling system we have at the Scout centre (and in Switzerland). The Scouts will get basic knowledge about the composting time of different materials, how the recycling system works in Kandersteg, and get some knowledge about different terms used when talking about recycling.

Switzerland and Kandersteg: In these activities, you will play some games of Baden Powell. These were made for Scouts to learn valuable skills, and allow you to put your knowledge of KISC to the test in a fun and educational quiz.

The Centre began in 1923 with Lord Baden-Powell, who, after the first World Scout Jamboree, had a dream about a place where all Scouts from all over the world could meet: the Permanent Mini Jamboree. His dream came true and now we have the opportunity to visit Kandersteg International Scout Centre and live the dream!
The trip will definitely be an adventure of a lifetime. Since each year over 12,000 Scouts from over 40 countries visit Kandersteg it is very likely that we will be the only American’s in camp, making us ambassadors to the world.  Scouts that join us will have the opportunity to not only learn about other people and other cultures but also learn a lot about themselves along the way. The friendships that are forged through the family of scouting will often last a lifetime.
For more information about Kandersteg, you can also visit their website here. 


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    Tony Woodard says:

    The Council has a contingent going to Kandersteg next July.
    If you are interested, please contact me for more details. We have a few youth slots open and would love to be completely full.

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