February 22nd marks the birthday of two celebrated American figures: George Washington and Lord Baden Powell.  Although you may not think they have a lot in common, they do. Here are just a few other similarities they share:

1. They both honored God and country above all else.

2. They were both founders of great things. Washington was one of the founding fathers of our Country. Powell was the founder of the boy scouts.

3. They were both military heroes, reaching the rank of general. Washington was a hero as the leader of the military during the revolutionary war. Powell was a hero at the Siege of Mafeking in the Boer war.

4. Neither man had biological children, but they both parented children of others. Washington helped raise the two children of his wife Martha, whose first husband was deceased. Powell raised the three nieces of his wife Olave.

5. Both men had mountains named after them. Mt. Washington is in New Hampshire. We also should not forget that Washington was memorialized in Mt. Rushmore. Mt. Baden-Powell was named in 1931. It is located in the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern CA. It has a historic 53 mile scouting trail. A memorial to Baden-Powell was built by local scouts.

6. Both men belonged to the Anglican Church.

7. Both men became less militaristic as they grew older.

I was surprised to find so many things that these two great men had in common. In reading biographies of famous people, it helps you to understand a little bit more about history. What similarities have you noticed between the two men?

Joyce Olesen
is a grandmother, mother, and daughter of Scouters. She love kids, camping, country music and sport cars. Her Dad was a Scout leader in Chicago in the early 1920’s and having only daughters did not bolster his Scouting hopes. As his "Scout" she was tying regulation knots by the time she was 7.

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