As a young man, I can remember my first large Scouting gathering. On Vancouver Island, Canada, we had a large Regional Jamboree that brought together hundreds of boys from all over the province. You couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of belonging and identity alongside these boys in uniform. We were working together to accomplish various goals. I can remember all of the laughs, knee scrapes and belching that accompanied a multi-day experience with a bunch of boys.

You might compare it to attending a professional conference. Many like minded individuals gathered together to talk about similar interests. You split into breakout groups and workshop to become better at your craft. This is a parallel experience to Jamboree, but let me tell you…it will be a lot more FUN!

2017 Jamboree

Rob Newbould, a blogger for LDS-BSA relations, shared his excitement for Jamboree in a recent article:

“The trip will be the culmination of over two years of hard work, fundraising, preparation, and planning all leading up to ten days that will likely be the experience of a lifetime! Scouts will have the chance to participate in high adventure activities including over five miles of zip lines and challenge courses, 36 miles of mountain bike trails, 13 acres of shooting sports ranges, kayaking, rock climbing, bouldering, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, and white water rafting. In addition to these activities, there will be merit badge workshops, stadium shows, service opportunities, and worship services. Youth will work together as they camp, cook their own meals (including doing the dishes!) and plan their activities for each day.”

01c_Jambo (683x1024)

Be Prepared

He also highlighted the value of Jamboree and Scouting, sharing a quote from Charles W. Dahlquist II, former LDS Young Men General President and current national commissioner of the Boy Scouts of America.

“Scouting helps young men not only develop vital character traits that will help them be better prepared for missionary service, to become husbands and fathers, and live lives of service, but it also provides them with life skills as well, such as goal setting, project management, serving hearts and hands, communications skills, time management abilities, survival skills, and many more.”

To read his article in its entirety, click here. Newbould has encouraged anyone that cannot attend Jamboree to follow him through his experience on social media, using the following accounts and hashtags.

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NOTE: If you still want to go to Jamboree, nearly every council has one or two openings. If your council’s contingent is filled, ask your Council Service Center to contact a nearby council to make arrangements to get into one of their troops. 

Colin Wylie
Colin Wylie is a Marketing Associate with the Utah National Parks Council. He attends Brigham Young University as a Public Relations student, minoring in Nonprofit Management.

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