Philmont is a perfect example of why we do and why we should do hard things. It can show you a different perspective on life; but only if you let it. To help explain what I mean, I compare its difficulty to your common daily troubles. By completing this adventure, you would probably say, “Wow! I did that! If I can hike all that for that long, I can do anything.” It’s a real confidence booster.

When you are preparing for this trek you learn where your limits are and that’s a really good thing. HikingI prepared for two months before hand. I would get up almost every morning around 5:30 and I would hike until 6:30. As time moved forward I would make it harder and harder. By the end of the two months I was hiking with a full pack, able to hike a mile up a mountain.

I thought for sure I was going to be ready for the hike when we arrived. To my surprise, I was mistaken. I barely made it through the first day. The next day same thing. On the third day, my training was finally paying off. As each day progressed, I could complete the day better and better. I cannot imagine completing this adventure without putting in the work beforehand.


Throughout the trek, at least once, you will probably feel like dropping out. I’m not going to sugar coat the difficulty of this experience at all. The hike will wear out your legs till they can’t move anymore. But that doesn’t mean you should quit. If you put all your time and energy into this adventure, you should see it through. Imagine looking back at and thinking, “I dropped out of this experience because, I thought it was too difficult.” Or, “I went on this amazing adventure, with these awesome people and I made it through.” Which reality would you prefer?

Throughout this adventure, you will experience the beautiful countryside of Cimarron, NM. The air is very crisp clean. The plant life is so green and full. It is amazing that all of it is in a desert. Then right beside you, there will probably be the most amazing people. Ones that can get through as if it were nothing at all.

These things are the reason why we should do hard things.

Chandler Jeffcoat
He is an Eagle Scout with Silver Palm and is a member of Varsity Scout Team 730, chartered by the LDS Bonneville 13th Ward in Provo, UT. He was a Philmont trek participant summer in the of 2015 (Expedition 611-V). 

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