You might be asking yourself, what is the World Friendship Fund? Why should I donate?

The World Friendship Fund was created towards the end of World War II. As you know, countless nations suffered and were now beginning a rebuilding process. As a result, the Scouting programs also needed a lot of help to be able to restart their programs in these war-torn countries.

Consequently, the World Friendship Fund was created. Through many contributions of Boy Scouts all over, uniforms, insignia, equipment and so much more were distributed.

How has it helped?

The World Friendship Fund has helped and continues to help Scouts all around the world. Here is a list of some ways it helps individuals in need:

  • Providing support to help create the first Scout camp and environmental center in Madagascar.
  • Supporting the building of the Scout house in Mongolia.
  • Providing support to the Asian Pacific region after the tsunami.
  • Providing supplies and relief to Haiti after a devastating earthquake.

One of the most inspiring stories is how the World Friendship Fund supported the Lion Patrol. The Lion Patrol consisted of six Scouts in Sierra Leone. Each member of the patrol refused conscription during Sierra Leone’s Civil War. For the sake of peace, each lost a limb as punishment. Below is a must watch video of their story.

As you can see, the World Friendship Fund has helped so many. However, these nations still need help funding materials for training, camping, manuals and uniforms.

For that reason, Scout shops and council service centers across America host  a Fund-raising drive February 1st–15th to help raise awareness. Our goal is $2,000 raised for the World Friendship Fund.


Those who would like to help support the World Friendship Fund can do so whenever they come into the Orem Scout Shop between now and February 15th. For those that can’t make it in the option to call in your support is available as well at (801) 221-1008, during normal business hours.

Come down today to do your good turn daily, and donate $1.

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