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Our Favorite Moments from The 2019 World Scout Jamboree

With thousands of Scouts from across the world, World Scout Committee chairperson Craig Turpie declared the World Scout Jamboree officially underway Tuesday...

Deseret Peak—the Perfect Summer or Fall Hike

Deseret Peak Hike in Utah's Stansbury Mountains is a great weekend hike that can be used to practice for longer treks later in the year or as a Fall hike it is hard to beat

Check out an easier way to whip a rope that holds...

Preventing the ends of rope from fraying is a process referred to as “whipping.” Learning how to whip the ends of a rope is one of the early requirements on the Scouts BSA advancement trail. Larry Green will show you the easiest way ever to get it done

Be Prepared — Clean Water

In an emergency, water will be one of the most important and lifesaving needs. This article helps you learn several emergency treatments for water purification.

Report to the Nation: Exceptional Youth Represent the Value of Scouting

Every year, the Boy Scouts of America reflects on the best and the brightest. This comes in the form of a report from 12...
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Celebrate the History of Women in Scouting for International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate our Scout moms, our leaders, our den mothers, our trainers, and the many other women who have had an influence for...

Protect Yourself: NEW Cub Scout Adventure

Have you heard about the new Protect Yourself Rules Preview Adventure? The Boy Scouts of America partnered...

Everything I Needed to Know about Leadership I Learned in the...

Scouting has inherent building blocks that your local church can transform into effective ministry as you grow young people into your congregation's future leaders. Each week and during outdoor activities lead by a volunteer leader of your faith, a young person may be helped with their personal and spiritual needs, while they are mentored into adulthood.

Why Should a Church Charter Units with BSA?

There are many reasons a Church would want to charter a Scouting unit, but no matter the unit is church-owned and church-administered

Scouting Rewards Religious Learning

Scouting has always had "duty to God" as a major tenant of its philosophy, and to encourage Scouts to grow stronger in their own faith, religious groups have developed religious emblems approved by the Boy Scouts of America for use in pack, troop, and crew programs.

A Guide to Cooking on that First Campout by Doug Fisher

This is a menu for the first time out. It takes things you can find in the grocery store but looks at them in a new way. In fact, every time you are shopping, take a look around at what is available dried, concentrated or in small cans (especially those with self-opening lids). You’d be surprised what kind of ideas you can come up with.

Get Your Scouts Excited About Popcorn Season Early with these Crafty...

Every year, Scouts sell popcorn to individuals to help pay for their Scouting adventures. Troop leaders can share their excitement about...