Starting with President Woodrow Wilson in 1913, Boy Scouts have been an active part of inauguration day in the United States for more than 100 years. President Trump plans to have 76 Eagle Scouts at the parade as part of the honor corps.

On this inauguration day we look back at 10 fun facts and quotes about Boy Scouts of America and Presidents of the United States. All information was taken from the National Boy Scouts of America page. On the same page you can also find more information on past presidents and their history with the Boy Scouts.

1.Theodore Roosevelt: President Roosevelt was the firstheodore Roosevelt President of the United Statest and only man designated as Chief Scout Citizen. For many years after his death in 1919, several thousand Scouts and leaders in the New York area made annual pilgrimages to his grave in Oyster Bay

2. Woodrow woodrow wilson President of the United StatesWilson: On June 15, 1916, President Wilson signed a bill, passed with unanimous consent in both houses of Congress, granting federal incorporation to the Boy Scouts of America.

Pres. Harding of the United States3. Warren G. Harding: “I am with the Scout movement heart and soul. It is an organization teaching the spirit of service and honor, which we must always have in our citizenship. It is a school of democracy, because in it, standing is won only by taking the equal opportunity given all individuals to show their own merit, capacity, and worth. I wish every boy in our America could have the advantage and the honor of being in the Boy Scout organization.”

4franklin d roosevelt president of the United States. Franklin D. Roosevelt: President Roosevelt was the first to enter the White House with a record as an active Scout leader. He was president of the Greater New York Council of the Boy Scouts of America. In 1934, hundreds of thousands of Scouts assembled to hear President Roosevelt’s broadcast appealing for help for the needy. They responded by collecting nearly two million articles of clothing, household furnishings, and other items for disadvantaged families. When FDR died in 1945, he had a 24-year record of service in Scouting.

harry s truman president of the United States5. Harry S. Truman: “The Boy Scouts of America, since it was founded in 1910, has contributed greatly to the character training of our youth. What a greater nation this would be if the principles of Scouting could be woven more closely into our daily lives. If we can impress upon our youth principles of friendliness and mutual respect, we shall go a long way toward establishing a better understanding among the nations of the world. The Boy Scouts of America is making a vital contribution to the character-building of our boys and young men. Let us work together to make the program of the Boy Scouts available to every American boy.”

john f kennedy President of the United States

6. John F. Kennedy: The first Scout to become president was John F. Kennedy, a member of Troop 2 in Bronxville, New York, from 1929 to 1931 and a leader in the Boston Council.

7. Lyndon B. Johnson: “Your conduct, both individually and in your group activities, has been worthy of admiration by all the young citizens of our land. Today, as we face the challenges of an increasingly complex and frequently disturbing world, America needs anlyndon johnson President of the United States alert, responsible, and energetic youth to provide her with a vital resource in a hopefully happier and fuller future for all. As I applaud your past, I also urge you to rededicate yourselves to the ideals of the Scout Oath, and to reaffirm your obligations to your God and to your country. In so doing, you will contribute to the strengthening of America’s heritage and thereby to the realization of our common goals in the Great Society.”

gerald r ford President of the United States8. Gerald R. Ford: Gerald Ford was the first Eagle Scout to become vice president and later president of the United States. He began his Scouting career on December 17, 1924, when he became a member of Troop 15, which was sponsored by the Trinity M.E. Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Ronald Reagan President of the United States9. Ronald Reagan: “I applaud your many efforts and programs encouraging character development and leadership among American youth. By sponsoring many useful physical, mental, and social activities designed to promote self-responsibility, the Scouts strengthen the cornerstone of individual freedom in our nation. These programs develop the youngster’s confidence in his ability to deal with nature, society, and a challenging world.”

Geroge w. bush president of the United States10. George W. Bush: President George W. Bush, a former Cub Scout, praised Scouting and its enduring values when he appeared to the nearly 40,000 Scouts, volunteers, and leaders at the 2005 National Scout Jamboree at Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia, in July 2005.

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    Here is an interesting fact:
    John F. Kennedy was the first U.S. President to be a Boy Scout, reaching the level of Star Scout. As of 2014, Gerald Ford was the only President to reach the level of Eagle Scout. Both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were Cub Scouts. Barack Obama was not a part of the Boy Scouts of America; rather he was a member of Gerakan Pramuka, the Indonesian Scout Association, where he was the equivalent of Cub Scout.

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